How to make a wreath with an embroidery hoop

Warming up the entire look of a room can come down to hanging just the right floral accent piece on the wall. It doesn’t take much to create a one-of-a-kind wreath using products easily found in a craft drawer. A simple embroidery hoop can quickly be transformed into the base of a beautiful wreath, perfect for adding a pop of color to the home.
An embroidery hoop wreath requires a hot-glue gun, some faux foliage, and a little imagination. While orange flowers give a bold dimension to the final product’s overall look, crafters are free to shake things up and switch out the bold hue for something a bit cooler, like a pastel. Quick and easy to create, an embroidery hoop wreath is a creative, no-sew take on an item generally reserved for intricate needlework.
-Large 12-inch embroidery hoop
-Hot-glue gun
-Aluminum crafting wire
-Wire cutters
-Two faux green leaf branches
-6 faux orange flowers with stems
-Crafting twine
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1. Cut two branches of faux green foliage approximately 6-8 inches in length from a larger bunch.
2. Lay a 12-inch large embroidery hoop flat on a working surface with the tightening apparatus facing upwards. Lie one of the foliage stems along the perimeter of the bottom left side, allowing leaves to spill halfway up the hoop.
3. Cut a 6-inch piece of aluminum crafting wire with cutters and twist around the bottom of the foliage branch stem to attach to the hoop. Repeat this attachment process further up the branch with a second piece of aluminum wire to ensure the branch is tightly attached.
4. Lie the second foliage branch below the first on the hoop perimeter, allowing a bit of overlap at the top of the leaves.
5. Cut two additional pieces of aluminum wire to attach the second branch to the hoop below the first. Twist the wire around the hoop near the top and bottom of the branch to secure. Fluff the branch leaves to the desired aesthetic effect.
6. Attach a small, faux orange flower complete with stem towards the bottom of the branches using a small piece of aluminum wire and twisting around the hoop towards the base of the flower head. The stem of this flower will remain loose.
7. Attach five more orange flowers throughout the foliage branches at even intervals by running the flower stems through the leaves and twisting a piece of wire around each stem to attach on the backside of the hoop. Once flowers are attached, cut away excess wire as needed.
8. Place a small spot of hot glue at the base of the orange flower head closest to the bottom of the hoop and press the end of a string of twine firmly to attach.
9. Once dry, wrap the twine around the stem of the flower until the stem is completely covered. When the end of the stem is reached, cut the remaining twine and attach the edge to the back of the hoop with hot glue. There is an option to wrap twine approximately halfway up the right side of the hoop for a textured effect.
10. Cut a piece of twine approximately two feet long and fold in half lengthwise at the center point. Loop one end of the folded twine through the other using the space at the bottom of the tightening apparatus on the embroidery hoop to knot securely.
11. Knot the ends of the string at the other end to close the twine loop and act as an attachment point for the wreath.
12. Hang the completed wreath on the wall by the twine loop and enjoy this creative pop of color!