How to make a lighthouse with a styrofoam cone

Whether one lives in New England or on another coast, it’s the rare person who isn't attracted to the beach, the sea and all the wonders that come with it--like lighthouses. This Styrofoam lighthouse project is easy, takes just a bit of time and adds a casual, beachy feeling to a hearth area, bookshelf or outdoor patio space.
The lighthouse is also a candle holder, so the piece adds a warm glow to wherever it's placed. Once this project is complete, its charm will conjure images of fishing boats, quaint cottages and misty views. Try making several, as multiple lighthouses would make a striking impression.
Styrofoam cone, about 5” x 12”
X-Acto knife
Sheet of cardboard, about 8” x 10”
Styrofoam half ball, about 8” in diameter
Two small bowls for paint
Jar of chalk paint in gunmetal blue, navy, etc.
Fine art paintbrush
One unfinished wooden bead in geometric-faceted cube shape
One bottle of gold metallic acrylic paint
Hot glue gun
Small 4-ounce capped mason jar with a quilted pattern on the glass
Yarn in white or cream color
Flameless votive candle
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1. Cut the top quarter section off the pointed end of the Styrofoam cone.
2. Place a small bowl with blue paint, the Styrofoam cone, and the half ball on the piece of cardboard, which will be used as the work surface to paint on.
3. Paint two wide horizontal stripes around the cone--one about an inch from the bottom, and the other about 2.5-3 inches above it.
4. Paint the Styrofoam half ball blue as well.
5. Squirt a small amount of metallic gold paint into the second small bowl.
6. Paint the unfinished wooden geometric bead with the metallic gold paint.
7. Allow the painted items to dry.
8. Affix the bead to the top center portion of the rounded end of the Styrofoam half ball, using the hot glue gun.
9. Apply hot glue to the outer edge of the bottom part of the 4-ounce mason jar.
10. Affix the flat bottom of the Styrofoam half ball to the bottom of the mason jar with the hot glue gun.
11. Apply hot glue to the top of the Styrofoam cone and glue the top of the mason jar to it (the capped part).
12. Take a string of yarn while it’s still attached to the skein and hot glue it to the top edge of one of the blue stripes on the cone.
13. Cut away the excess yarn with your scissors and make sure the yarn ends are attached with hot glue to the cone.
14. Repeat steps 12-13 and apply yarn to the top of the other blue stripe, and to the bottom of each blue stripe as well.
15. Unscrew the mason jar cap and place a flameless votive candle on top of the jar cap bottom.
16. Screw the mason jar back on, and the lighthouse is now complete.

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