How to make a Santa hat with a Styrofoam cone

With all the holiday decorations that involve lights, be a little more environmentally friendly with these unique and playful Santa hat decorations. Place them anywhere in the home--on shelves, the fireplace mantel or even on of the toilet tank!
For a traditional look, the tutorial here uses red construction paper and white yarn for the pom-pom, but any desired color scheme is fine. Try a blue-and-white or green-and-yellow hat for interfaith families.
- Styrofoam cone, 6 inches in height
- Red construction paper
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue
- Pom-pom maker
- White yarn
- Small shears
- Fake snow
- Large bowl
- School glue
- 1-inch bristle paintbrush
DIY Everywhere
1. Turn the paper to portrait position (longer from left to right). Start at the top left corner and cut downward, making a curve toward the bottom of the paper. Cut a curve around the bottom of the construction paper at least 1 inch from the bottom edge. Curve around to end at the top right corner.
2. Lay the cone on the cut-out paper with the tip lined up with the center of the straight edge. Fold the right side of the paper around the cone, tucking it under the left side.
3. Wrap the left side around the cone until there are approximately 3 inches sticking out. Run a line of glue down where the left side of the paper meets the paper on the cone. Trim the excess. Trim any paper sticking above the top of the cone.
4. Use the pom-pom maker to create a small white pom-pom (see additional instructions). Hot glue the pom-pom to the top of the cone.
5. Pour fake snow into the bowl. Apply school glue around the exposed outside circumference of the Styrofoam base. Smooth it out with the paintbrush. Dip into and coat the glue with the fake snow.
6. Apply a squiggly line of glue around the attached snow and re-dip. Do not smooth the glue.
7. Apply a line of glue around the outside rim of the base and dip the cone in the fake snow. Let the glue dry.
Pom-pom maker instructions
1. Open the maker. Wrap white yarn around one half-moon side. Trim off the yarn. Repeat for the other side. Use small shears to cut through the middle of the yard lengthwise.
2. Tie a piece of yarn around the middle of the device. Separate the two halves and trim excess thread.