How to make paper daffodils

A bouquet of bright, egg yolk yellow or pale lemon chiffon colored daffodils will instantly brighten up a table or countertop. This project shows crafters how to fashion realistic-looking daffodils and jonquils from a bit of crepe paper, floral wire and ribbon.
These pieces look especially striking in a group and work for those who want the beauty of flowers no matter the season, as well as those whose thumbs are not green. Either way, these flowers add a delicate charm to one’s space. A single stem would be a lovely addition to the ribbon on a wrapped gift as well.
- One roll about 20 inches wide of pale yellow crepe paper for daffodils or jonquil centers or white crepe paper for jonquils
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- Green floral stem wire
- Thin green satin ribbon
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut a strip 3 or 4 inches wide from a 20-inch long roll of crepe paper.
2. Cut six rectangles from the strip, about 2 by 3 inches.
3. Cut one small oblong strip of crepe paper with the scissors and trim to about 1 inch by 4 inches.
4. Trim the two top corners of the piece slightly so they are rounded.
5. Roll the piece into a small tubular shape and cut a small angled strip off each side from top to bottom, ensuring that the sides flare upward from the bottom and are narrowest at the bottom portion.
6. The final shape should have a semicircular top with sides that narrow toward the bottom of the piece of crepe paper. The bottom portion should be a straight line.
7. Roll this piece into a tight tube.
8. Hot glue the end of the piece of crepe paper to the tube.
9. Gently fold the top quarter of the piece of crepe paper outward and down so it takes on a flower-like shape.
10. Trim the six crepe paper rectangles so they form leaf shapes with flat bottoms.
11. Hot glue the bottom portion of the first freshly cut petal piece and affix it to the bottom of the tubular daffodil center piece just crafted.
12. Continue gluing the bottom of each piece to the flower’s center piece, until the petals surround the entire tubular center.
13. Gently bend each petal downward and outward from the top to the middle of the petal. The petals will be flared away from the center of the flower.
14. Cut a piece of green floral stem wire about 8 inches long.
15. Apply glue to the flower bottom and insert a half an inch or so of the floral stem wire into the bottom of the flower.
16. Cut a 2-inch length of narrow green satin ribbon.
17. Apply hot glue intermittently while wrapping the ribbon around the area where the floral wire and the flower bottom meet so it adheres completely to the stem.
18. Allow the glue to dry and display.