How to make string art with an embroidery hoop

An embroidery hoop is often used to create fine needlework pieces that take much time and care. The good news is, you can find a simpler way by looping string around this wooden crafting frame to create a beautiful and intricate piece of wall art in just minutes. All you need is some tape, scissors, string and a short amount of time for your gorgeous creation of embroidery hoop wall art. As an added bonus, it’s a quick solution to repurposing those leftover rolls of string while adding a pop of color to your home.
While this project is perfect for adults, it’s also an ideal way to spend an afternoon with the kids. Options to mix and match colorful string make for an individualized approach to crafting. Scotch tape replaces sharps, making it a great group project for children of all ages. Hang your creation proudly on a wall or set it on a shelf for everyone to see and admire.
-1 large 12” embroidery hoop
-White string
-Green string
-Blue string
-Scotch tape
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1. Separate the outer band from the inner band of a 12” embroidery hoop by loosening the tightening apparatus at the top.
2. Use a small square of Scotch tape to attach the end of a piece of white string to the bottom of the interior embroidery hoop band.
3. Loop the string up to the top of the band, pulling it tightly over the top of the circle and back down the opposite side until it meets its starting point.
4. Continue looping the white string from the roll up and over the top of the hoop and back down the opposite side. Continue to run the string through the center of the hoop, but leave approximately ½" of space between string meeting points so that inverted triangles are created on both ends of the hoop.
5. When 1/3 of the hoop has been covered with white string, cut the end and use a piece of tape to attach it to either side of the hoop.
6. Attach the end of a piece of green string with tape to the bottom of the hoop directly to the right of where the white string finished.
7. Repeat the looping process with green string, overlapping the white string at the center of the hoop for a 3-D effect and continuing to fill 1/3 of the entire circle. Cut the green string at the end when finished and attach to either side of the hoop with tape.
8. Fill the remaining 1/3 of the hoop using blue string. Allow the blue to overlap the other colors by constantly running the string through the center point of the hoop. Cut the blue string at the end and attach to either side of the hoop. The final product will have a thicker center point with colorful strings radiating out in all directions.
9. Place the outer band of the embroidery hoop back over the top of the interior band and tighten the top apparatus to secure.
10. Carefully cut away any stray ends of tape or string that are still visible.
11. Place the colorful hoop on a shelf or hang on the wall to display.