Grab barb wire & check out these DIY ideas

Barb wire is usually associated with keeping cows or people within a defined area, or perhaps a demilitarized zone. The interesting thing is that, when used as a craft material, barb wire lends a Scandi-simple, beautifully spare flavor to a décor project.
Several important supplies should available when you're working with barb wire: a heavy pair of work gloves with the palm sections padded and leather-lined on the exterior, a wire cutter and a pair of needle-nosed pliers. These tools provide hand protection, the ability to create measured barb wire pieces necessary for each project and a way to manipulate and flatten the wire’s short, sharp extremities, respectively. This batch of DIY projects is sure to transform how we think about barb wire and show that a material traditionally used for tough jobs is versatile enough to beautify a space in diverse ways.
1. Wreath
The wreath is a welcoming symbol, but can a wreath fashioned from barb wire still offer a warm welcome to guests? It can when the barb wire is embellished with paint, dried flowers and a bit of jute twine.
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The wreath form is made by simply layering barb wire in a circular shape. It’s up to the crafter to decide how it should be decorated to their taste, but the tutorial shows how carefully chosen floral supplies infuse this piece with a delicate beauty. The end result is a wreath that will add an iconoclastic beauty to a door, a wall or above a mantel.
2. Star
The night sky offers beautiful inspiration for this project. A barb wire star can be made in any size, whether for use as a large piece of wall art or a smaller scale Christmas tree decoration.
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This project is easy, takes little time and creatively employs chalk paint to coat part of the star. Depending on the color chosen, the paint can add an earthy, beachy or desert-reminiscent vibe to this appealing piece.
3. Flower
A leafy-stemmed flower made of barb wire is a unique study in how sturdiness can coexist with delicacy.
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This piece can be hung on a wall or “planted,” as in the instructional video, in a terracotta flower pot filled with white garden stones. The video shows just how flexible and easy barb wire is to manipulate. What’s more, the accent piece will generate smiles, guaranteed.
4. Heart
This barb wire heart is a powerful symbol of the strength of love and loyalty. The piece is ultimately embellished with delicate leafy sprigs and an opulent rose, making it uniquely romantic.
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Even a novice crafter can succeed at this project if they have the right tools. The video shows how simply the piece can be completed. The finished product makes a novel gift for one’s significant other, and it’s also an eye-catching piece of art for an interior or exterior space.
5. Pumpkin
This three-dimensional barb wire pumpkin will add instant style to any surface, from a dining table centerpiece to an entryway piece. It doesn't have to be displayed just during autumn either; the silvery pumpkin is uncommon art, no matter what the season.
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What do the number 6 and a pumpkin have in common? Seemingly very little, but this pumpkin craft requires the maker to fashion a series of barb wire pieces shaped like sixes. The tutorial shows that, when joined together and manipulated, the components easily form the first half of the ever-popular “pumpkin spice” flavor partnership.
6. Dragonfly
The dragonfly is an elegant surprise when spied in the garden, and this barb wire dragonfly art makes a striking and naturalistic design statement. It will look equally fabulous inside or perched on a garden stone in the yard.
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Beads are the magic ingredient in this lovely barb wire dragonfly project. Dragonflies have a luminescent quality, so using beads in several shades of the same color will add nuance to this project. The video provides clear guidance on how the hot glue gun is used to create the body and head of the dragonfly, while the barb wire forms its wings.
7. Letter
Creating alphabet letter art, whether one's initial or a full-on monogram with three letters, is a fun addition that personalizes a gallery wall or bookcase. In this project, barb wire adds visual interest to a popular design accent.
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This barb wire letter project takes advantage of the material’s flexibility. A pair of needle-nosed pliers can help the crafter shape the barb wire into any letter or even a numeral. The video also shows how a bit of metallic paint applied to accent the letter sends the style factor through the roof.

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