How to make a bell with a Styrofoam cup

For whom the bell tolls — well anyone with a little wall space and a reason to ring in some fun. A standard Styrofoam cup is the perfect party essential but does not need to be relegated to the table. Dress some cups up with paint, fill them with a jingle bell instead of juice, and suspend them from varying lengths of rope to transform these everyday items into festive wall decorations. These easy-to-make bells are perfect for the holidays, New Year’s, and any celebration like birthdays all year long.
The gold metallic color scheme and coordinating bow can readily be substituted for shades to match any decor or theme. Can’t decide? Look to the occasion or other accents in the room like pillows, rugs, or drapes. Then gather the paints and supplies to make this DIY project that should not take long but will provide lasting festive powers!
• 3 Styrofoam cups, standard size
• Paper to cover work surface
• Metallic paint, gold
• Bowl for paint
• Paint brush, medium size
• Gold twine
• Craft scissors
• Mono-filament line, 20 pound
• Large milliner’s/embroidery needle
• Craft rope, medium weight
• 2-inch decorative ribbon, red
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1. Take one cup and set on paper placed over work surface.
2. Pour metallic gold paint into small bowl.
3. Using medium paintbrush, paint the outside of the cup, including along the bottom and top rim. Let it dry, and repeat painting until you have covered the cup in three coats. Then set the cup to dry with the top down on paper.
4. Cut a piece of gold twine about 3 inches in length. Form a loop by folding the twine so both ends meet. Loop the ends back and over to form a knot about 1 inch from ends, and pull to secure.
5. Rub the twine's ends between your fingers to fray it.
6. Cut the mono-filament, and tie in a double knot around loop of twine. Trim one end to knot and thread other end through the jingle bell so that twine is also pulled through bell. Stop when the bell rests at the knot you made in the twine.
7. Take the needle, and use it to punch hole in bottom center of cup from the outside in.
8. Cut a long length of rope, and use needle to push the rope through hole and bring it through to the top of the cup.
9. Trim the straight end of filament off the gold twine. Tie the rope in a knot around the loop of twine. Pull the rope through bottom of the cup to position it so that the bell and fringe fall just past the edge of the cup.
10. Tie the other end of rope into a long loop.
11. Repeat steps 1 through 9 on second and third cups; knot the ends of these ropes around the knot on first rope at bottom of loop. The ropes should be at slightly varying lengths. Trim the ends of the loop from first rope.
12. Cut ribbon to 6 inches in length. Tie in a bow over rope knots.
13. Hang on a wall from the first cup's loop.