How to make a ribbon organizer from a tissue box

Cut down on trash by reusing empty tissue boxes as ribbon organizers. The ribbon feeds through slots on the front of the box to keep it from getting twisted. It also makes it easy to cut three equal lengths at the same time.
Scrapbook paper or gift wrap make this project customizable. Create an organizer that complements the craft room, or make one to match holiday or special occasion ribbons. Use a square tissue box, as standard rectangular ones do not have the necessary depth to hold the spools.
- Empty square tissue box
- Scrapbook paper or thick gift wrap
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Clear school glue
- Craft knife
- Dowel, ¼-inch diameter
- Small gardening hand shears
- 4 medium Styrofoam balls
- 3 spools of ribbon, ½-inch width
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue
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1. Place one side of the empty tissue box flat on the scrapbook paper or gift wrap, lining up the bottom and left edge with the bottom and left edge of the paper. Trace along the top and right side of the box. Cut along the two lines.
2. Apply glue in a zigzag pattern over the box side. Smooth out the paper over the glue.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the remaining three box sides.
4. Stand the box upright. Use a craft knife to trim along all four top rims to remove the box top.
5. Measure the dowel so it fits across the inside of the box. Trim off excess wood with the shears.
6. Place one dowel end against a foam ball, and wiggle it so it makes a slight indentation. Remove the dowel. Carve a shallow hole in the foam using the craft knife. Push the dowel through the foam until it sticks out the other end of the ball ¼ inch.
7. Thread a spool of ribbon on the dowel, next to the Styrofoam ball. Alternate between ball and spool until you have four balls and three spools on the dowel. The foam balls should sandwich the ribbon.
8. Hold the dowel ½ inch down inside the box opening so the ribbon-spool cardboard just touches the inside front of the box.
9. Make a mark on the box’s lip in front of a spool that corresponds to the center of the ribbon's width. Repeat this for the two remaining spools. Remove the dowel from the box.
10. Cut a 1 ½-inch slit going down from each mark. At the end of the vertical slit, make a ½-inch horizontal slit. Repeat this step for the remaining marks.
11. Apply hot glue on a foam ball facing a dowel end. Place the dowel in the box as per step 8. Slide the ball outward so it presses and adheres to the box. Apply glue around the dowel and ball contact point on the other side. Slide the other ball outward so it presses and adheres to the box. Let the glue dry.
12. Thread each ribbon through its respective vertical slit, and straighten it out through the horizontal slit.