How to make a wreath with pine cones

Wreaths don't have to be just for Christmas. Hang a wreath anywhere in a room for a colorful conversation piece. Depending on the season, make a wreath to match the weather outside. Otherwise, add embellishments to complement the pine cones in this project.
Add leaves for a fall wreath or pastel flower blooms for a spring decoration. When Halloween comes around, paint the pine-cone ends bright green or orange and hang small plastic spiders in lieu of berries.
- Grapevine wreath, 10-inch diameter
- Fake eucalyptus leaves on vine
- Floral wire
- Wire cutters
- Pliers
- Fake holly berries or cherries with stems
- Fabric scrap, 4 by 4 inches
- Small bowl
- 6 pine cones with long wire stems
- White chalk paint
- Bristle paintbrush, 1½ inches
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1. Wrap the eucalyptus garland around the wreath’s circumference. Cut off 4-inch pieces of wire and weave them through the garland and wreath in various places to secure them. Twist each wire piece a few times and trim off the excess.
2. Wrap the pairs of berries along the wreath’s circumference and twist to secure them in the front.
3. Place the fabric scrap on the work surface. Pour chalk paint into the bowl. Dip the paintbrush in the paint and apply it to the tips of a pine cone’s scales. Paint each pine cone this way. Let the paint dry.
4. Weave the pine-cone stems equidistant from one another through the wreath and out the wreath’s back. Trim off excess stems.
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