How to make a wreath with styrofoam cups

There’s no rule that says a wreath has to be evergreen or solely for Christmas. Instead, turn a stack of styrofoam cup sinto an industrial chic wall hanging perfect for many occasions. All you have to do is glue and arch the cups, then spray with metallic finish.
The stylish display may scare off those new to DIY, but it shouldn’t. In fact, this wreath project takes only a few steps and a few materials to complete. The metallic gold adds a pop of glam to any decor, but the wreath can easily be finished in a silver, bronze or even non-metallic shade. You can also personalize the ribbon, and then your wreath is ready to be hung, whether on a wall, a mantle or the front door.
Stack of styrofoam cups, standard size, about 30
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Protective covering for work surface
Metal finish spray, in gold
Gold twine
3-inch wide ribbon, long length
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1. Start with one cup and glue a short line about ½ inch below top inside of cup.
2. While glue is still warm, place second cup inside and position about ¾ of the way in to first cup. Push down to set glue and arrange so second cup is affixed but tipping forward (top side of inside cup is not attached to inside of first cup).
3. Continue, repeating gluing and placing, creating a rounded bend, working the shape as you go. Use enough cups until the bottom of the first cup comfortably reaches and fits into the top of the last cup to complete the circular wreath.
4. Cut an 8-inch piece of twine, loop around one cup (to become the top of wreath) and tie knot at ends.
5. Lay on work surface covered by a protective cover.
6. Spray front and back until completely coated. Snip off twine.
7. Cut 8-inch piece of gold twine, loop around the same top cup and tie at ends.
8. Tie wide ribbon into a big bow and trim off ends into V-shape.
9. Put dollop of hot glue at top front of wreath on the cup rim next to twine. Secure ribbon to wreath by pressing into glue.

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