How to make a wreath with plastic Easter eggs

Plastic Easter eggs don't seem like they could become part of a chic Easter or springtime display. Sure, they work for kids' projects, but can they really level up to the design requirements of a modern adult's home? As you'll see in this wreath tutorial, they certainly can. It's all in how you enhance them with your own DIY skills.
The wreath features a simple nest, adorable birds and a classy ribbon. It doesn't speak to any specific ceremonial celebration, making it suitable for multicultural households and events.
- Cardboard, about 9 inches by 12 inches
- 3 plastic Easter eggs
- Chalk paint in white, rose and gray
- Glass vessel to hold paint
- Paintbrush
- 10-inch grapevine wreath
- Dried moss or raffia paper for nest
- Hot-glue gun
- 2-inch-wide satin white ribbon
- 2 small bird ornaments
- 6 inches hemp twine
DIY Everywhere
1. Place the cardboard on a work surface.
2. Pour chalk paint into glass vessels.
3. Use a thick paintbrush to completely cover one egg in one color of paint. One layer should be sufficient, but you can allow the paint to dry and add a second layer if you desire.
4. Repeat step three with the remaining eggs and paint colors, so that you have one rose egg, one white and one gray.
5. Set the eggs aside. Place the grapevine wreath on the work surface.
6. Mold the dried moss or raffia paper into a small nest.
7. Hot-glue the bottom of the nest to the inside bottom of the grapevine wreath so that it's sitting up inside of the wreath.
8. Hot-glue each of the eggs into the center of the nest.
9. Hot-glue one bird to the nest, next to the eggs. Hot-glue the other bird to the side of the wreath. (Imagine the wreath is a clock, and position the bird at "3" and the nest at "6.")
10. Tie the hemp twine around the top of the wreath (at "12" on the clock). Use this to hang the wreath.
11. Tie the white ribbon in a bow and glue it to the front of the wreath (at "12" on the clock.)
12. Hang the wreath and enjoy it all spring long.

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