Pick up a Styrofoam ball from store & copy these DIY ideas

Styrofoam balls are not just for holiday ornament making anymore. They can be the basis of many striking and easy-to-make décor craft projects. The fact that they are available in different sizes raises their versatility for craft use considerably. Whether one is a seasoned DIY crafter or a newbie, this collection of projects will surely have something valuable and eye-catching to offer.
These projects are particularly innovative in how they employ Styrofoam balls, from use as ice cream cone components to the starring role in a sophisticated mobile. They weigh very little, are easy to puncture with craft wire for threading purposes and readily soak up craft paint. There’s a lot to like about the chameleon-like quality of Styrofoam balls for crafts, so get started now on beautifying virtually any space that needs an added touch of personality.
1. Ice cream cone garland
An easy-to-construct ice cream cone garland will not only add verve to the refreshment area at a party but will likely make guests crave the sweet treat. Better to buy a few tubs of some favorite flavors. The ease with which this craft project can be completed means that a last-minute bit of fun décor is a real possibility. This accent isn’t limited to sundae parties or children’s birthday gatherings either; it’s a lighthearted visual pick-me-up for any time. Get the tutorial here.
2. Styrofoam ball flowers
These Styrofoam ball flowers simultaneously convey a sophisticated Scandinavian feel and playful touch. Crafters can take liberty with color by choosing hues that harmonize with whatever space the bouquet will adorn. They look fabulous when displayed singly on a bookshelf or in a bouquet in a vase. Watch the tutorial to see how it's done.
3. Cactus pin cushion
Catch the cactus craze bus by fashioning these adorable mini-potted cacti. They’re charming accessories for home or work and look equally cute in an otherwise-serious work area, such as a desktop or on a windowsill in the kitchen. The diminutive succulents are also the ideal décor for anyone with less than a green thumb. Watch the tutorial to learn how to make one of your own.
4. Orange wreath
This orange and greenery wreath project offers the epitome of colonial Williamsburg elegance. The lush greenery paired with realistic oranges, complete with leaves and stems, makes a stunning visual centerpiece for above the mantel or an extravagantly welcoming front door décor accent. The fact that this wreath is not live also means that it can hang forever and still retain its freshness. Learn how to make it with the step-by-step video.
5. Letter wall art
This on-trend alphabet letter project uses small Styrofoam balls creatively and jazzes up a gallery wall beautifully. It would also make a whimsical bookshelf accent, or a group of letters could form a name or an encouraging word. Each letter receives the metallic spray paint treatment as a final step, and this pumps up the glam-festive feel exponentially. The tutorial provides all the instructions needed.
6. Beach glass décor
Countless people cite the beach as their happy place, and it’s perfectly understandable. What could be better than the calming sound of lapping waves, a dramatic sunset and the myriad treasures found there such as shells, driftwood and sea glass? This sea glass design accent project brings the beach home to anyone, no matter where they live. One glance at this project as it adorns a tabletop or shelf will immediately bring the serene feeling that only the ocean can deliver. Watch the tutorial to see how it's made.
7. Place setting
A lovely table is a prerequisite for every memorable meal, hands down. This simple project allows a crafter to create a place setting card holder that will wow guests. A bit of carefully chosen fabric makes it extra special and lets guests know immediately where their place is at the table. Get the tutorial here.
8. Styrofoam ball mobile
Mobiles invariably add a touch of contemporary sophistication to a space. They also enlarge it as the suspended components seem to float in the air. This Styrofoam ball mobile project will infuse any space, from a child’s room to a library, with simultaneous whimsy and high style. Check out these step-by-step instructions.