How to make a button photo frame

This button-covered photo frame project will warm up a space in no time. Because many homes contain a forgotten container of buttons that have been found throughout the house and over the years, it makes sense to put them to good use. But don't despair if a button deficit exists; they can also be bought in bulk.
The crafter can take artistic license by using buttons only in natural tones, of a particular color or mix it up a little and add a rhinestone or bead here and there. The surprise of this piece is the final touch: two or three similar beads if the rest is a mishmash, or as in the photos and video, novelty buttons like the bees and hive. The button-rich frame works more like a collage project than anything else, and the result is wonderfully one-of-a-kind.
- Glass or plastic bowl filled with buttons
- Simply designed wooden or plastic photo frame in color and size of choice
- Hot glue gun
- Two or three specialty themed buttons, such as bees and a hive, as in this project
DIY Everywhere
1. Take the backing out of the photo frame and place it front side up on the work surface.
2. Apply a few dots of hot glue to one of the corners of the frame and place a button atop the glue.
3. Work around the entire frame and glue buttons on it until it is completely covered. Nestle the buttons close together and make sure that some of the buttons’ edges go over the outer portion of the frame a bit.
4. Hot glue the novelty themed buttons to one corner of the frame for added visual interest.
5. Allow glue to dry.
6. The frame is ready to be filled and displayed.