How to make an herb garden with soda cans

Want a fresh herb garden but lack the outdoor space? This simple project will give you as big or as small a garden as you would like, with brightly colored containers adding color to the space. This craft brings new life to empty aluminum soda cans, giving the garden a funky, up-cycled look.
Potting herbs in aluminum cans allows for a flexibility not available with traditional gardens. You can line cans up in a kitchen window, for instance, or spread them out along multiple windows. Or, if there's an outdoor space but no garden bed, you can group the cans outside to bring vibrant colors and fragrances to a patio.
- Gloves
- Sharp craft knife
- Empty soda cans
- Sandpaper or sandpaper block
- Hot glue
- Craft twine
- Chicken wire, approximately 4 inches by 6 inches for each can
- Pliers
- Potting soil
- Herb seedlings, such as basil, mint, oregano, rosemary, etc.
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1. Wear the gloves, and carefully cut away the top portion of the aluminum can. Begin about an inch below the top, and slowly cut around the can. Safely dispose of the top of the can. Be cautious: The raw edges are extremely sharp.
2. Distress the sides of the can, using the the sandpaper or sandpaper block. Carefully sand the cut edge of the can, smoothing it for safer handling.
3. Still wearing the gloves, roll the piece of chicken wire into a tube that will fit just inside the can. Use the pliers to seal the two long edges of the wire tube. Twist the end wires together.
4. Set the chicken wire tube just inside the can. Allow about 3 inches of the wire cage to stick out above the top edge of the can.
5. Dab hot glue along the rim of the can, pressing the craft twine into the glue.
6. Finish the twine with a bow, or simply seal it with glue and snip the ends.
5. Set the herb plant securely in the can. Fill in the sides and top with potting soil.
6. Repeat as desired for a complete herb garden.
Follow the guidelines for each plant for sunlight and watering amounts. Enjoy the fresh aromas and tastes of a home-grown herb garden!
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