Grab some tulle & copy these DIYs

As far as fabrics go, tulle is one of the most versatile products gracing craft store shelves. Often thought of as the go-to material for creating stunning veils or adding a texturized touch to a skirt or gown, tulle’s appeal lies within its fine-thread appearance and net-durable strength. Crafted from nylon, silk and polyester blends, tulle has long been the primary fabric of world-class ballerinas. With tulle gracing the dance skirts of so many stages, it’s easy to associate this fine fabric with the spotlight.
Tulle’s texture allows it to appear simultaneously frothy and lacy. This aesthetic is unique, making tulle a fabric that goes far beyond ballerina skirts and wedding veils. When viewed through a creative lens, tulle is the perfect fabric for designing everything from wreaths to gift bags and from wall art to vase covers. The limitless possibilities of tulle make it a fun fabric to work with when it’s time for a new take on a traditional material.
Tulle wreath
A tri-colored tulle base makes for a beautiful wall wreath to brighten up any home. The addition of faux flowers adds dimension and texture to the accent piece as well as a seasonal edge. Complete the look with a tulle bow for an elegant finish to this DIY project. As easy to hang and is it to create, a tulle wreath provides an opportunity for customized mixing and matching of tulle colors for a final product fit to individual taste and style. Explore the full tutorial here.
Tulle table skirt
Tulle is frequently turned to in the creation of ballet skirts for its unique texture, elegant flow, and lacey appeal. The same concepts can be applied to table décor when tulle is used to craft a chic table skirt. Tulle sheaths attached to an elegant ribbon create a one-of-a-kind table accessory that takes interior décor to the next level of sophistication. Learn how to create one here.
Tulle hair bow
Traditionally viewed as the fabric of skirts and veils, tulle is also an ideal material for creating smaller accessories. Find your inner fashionista by simply tying tulle into a hair bow and adding strategic accent items. With the help of a hot-glue gun, glimmering beads can be attached to a tulle bow, bringing the sparkle-factor into play and creating a customized fashion statement. See how quickly tulle transforms into a hair bow here.
Tulle flower pillowcase
A little texture is all it takes to turn a simple pillowcase into a virtual garden of 3D color. The net-like nature of tulle makes it a fabric that holds its shape extremely well. Learning how to manipulate tulle into a floral bloom that is easily attached to a pillowcase is as simple as some strategic needlework. Whether it's amping up a pillowcase cactus or adding extra foliage, a tulle blossom is a wonderful addition to home décor. Get a first-hand look at how the process works here.
Tulle wrapped vase
Tulle is as well-loved for its texture as the variety of colors available. You can bring those many colors to life by transforming tulle swatches into a colorful and elegant vase wrapping. As simple as picking preferred hues and tying fabric tightly, a tulle vase wrap is a simple way to give any floral arrangement a bit of customized flair. Learn the secret to positioning tulle in just the right vase-based pattern here.
Tulle bag
Whether it holds lavender potpourri or a charming party gift for guests, a tulle bag is a lovely and simple way to package something sweet. Requiring only a bit of needlework, a tulle bag is easily finished off with a ribbon-tied bow for a feminine touch. The transparent nature of tulle allows the contents of the bag to remain visible while retaining a sophisticated overall appearance. Take a look at how to craft a tulle bag here.
Tulle wall art
A fresh take on fruit-themed wall art is made that much more elegant with the addition of tulle. The durable texture of this fine fabric makes it the perfect support material for strategically placed dried fruit on a canvas backing. Easily attached with hot-glue, tulle is a simple yet beautiful addition to wall art. Feel free to mix and match tulle colors to compliment a variety of dried fruit accent pieces including lemons, oranges, limes or a mix of all three. Watch the full guide to creating this one-of-a-kind wall art  here.

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