How to make a button wreath

Coming back to the basics can be a wonderful way to brighten up interior decor. Instead of reaching for the wallet, stick with some of those household products that are readily available to create a one-of-a-kind wall wreath. A variety of buttons and ribbon are all it takes to transform a simple Styrofoam circle into a completely customized accent item.
Crafting a charming button wreath allows for a great deal of creative inspiration. Feel free to mix and match button colors and sizes for a final product that speaks to an individual sense of style. Kids will love helping with this project and can weigh in on just what type of ribbon makes the most beautiful wreath base. A button wreath is sure to be fun for the entire family and works as a great conversation starter.
-White Styrofoam wreath, 12 inches
-Blue ribbon
-Hot glue gun
-Blue buttons of varying sizes and hues, 150-200 ct.
-White ribbon bow
-Twine (optional)
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1. Place a 12-inch white Styrofoam wreath on a flat surface.
2. Place a small line of hot glue near the base of the wreath, and press the end of blue ribbon to attach securely.
3. Wrap the ribbon around the entire foam wreath, letting edges overlap to ensure none of the foam is exposed below.
4. Hot glue the ribbon to the wreath where the edges meet. Cut away excess ribbon as needed.
5. Hot glue a variety of blue buttons that vary in shade, shape and size to the front of the wreath in a pleasing pattern. Allow button edges to touch to enhance the overall texture and appearance of the final product. Ensure that the entire face of the wreath is covered in buttons.
6. Place a spot of hot glue on the back of a white ribbon bow, and press the bow to the bottom of the wreath as a decorative attachment.
7. Hot glue the back of a large blue button, and press to the center of the white ribbon bow.
8. Hang the button wreath on the wall. There is an option to use a piece of twine as an attachment point for a rustic touch.

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