Best plastic bottle DIYs

Plastic bottles might be convenient, but they are terrible for the environment. In fact, research indicates that if we continue at the current pace, plastic bottles will outnumber fish in our oceans by 2050. It can seem like an overwhelming problem, but all problems are solved by small steps in the right direction. You can do one small part by making sure that you reuse, recycle and upcycle all of your plastic bottles.
These seven upcycled plastic bottle crafts will get you started. Use them to celebrate nature by turning them into vases or bird houses. Or just use them to bring delight to your everyday decor by transforming them into jewelry trays, lamp shades, and more. Once you've tried these crafts, you will never look at a plastic bottle in the same way again.
1. Gnome house with a plastic bottle
Counteract the distressing news about plastic bottles by embracing whimsy when you upcycle them. This adorable gnome house does just that. Use it for a seasonal display, a children's play set or just to make yourself smile whenever you see it on your own mantel. The project tutorial shows you the important materials necessary to stay safe while cutting into plastic. Get the tutorial here.
2. Bird house with a plastic bottle
One of the best ways to maximize plastic bottle upcycling is to use your craft skills to celebrate the natural world. There's no better way to do that than to feed the local birds. A plastic bottle makes a simple bird house, but you can elevate it into gorgeous yard decor with yarn-wrapping techniques. The strategic placement of dowels gives the birds a perfect landing spot. Get the tutorial here.
3. Cat planter with a plastic bottle
This adorable vase incorporates two of life's most delightful things: plants and cats. The bottom of a plastic bottle is sturdy enough to serve as a planter for succulents, aloe and other small plants. The kitty cat shape and face brings kitschy cuteness to the design. Learn how to add paint in just the right places with the full tutorial here.
4. Flowers with a plastic bottle
Many people enjoy decorating with plants but avoid doing so because they have a brown thumb. Alter plastic bottles into everlasting flowers that you can "plant" in miniature terracotta pots. With a little bit of paint, no one will ever believe that's a plain old soda bottle or water bottle under there. Can you even tell which part of the bottle becomes the flower? It's obvious once you know, and you can find out from the full tutorial here.
5. Lamp shade with a plastic bottle
The top of a plastic bottle makes a surprisingly effective lamp shade. There are many different ways to adorn that shade to make it match the style of your home decor. In this project, you'll learn how to add both rope and string for a nautical-inspired design effect. Make sure that you choose the right bottle size for this project. Get the tutorial here.
6. Cat feeder with a plastic bottle
It's no secret that cats and yarn go together like milk and cookies. Therefore, yarn is the perfect adornment to turn a plastic bottle into a cat food feeder. It's chintzy and cheeky in the most adorable ways. Triangle cutouts at the base of the bottle allow the food to flow out freely when kitty is ready to eat. Plus, once you learn how to make the yarn balls that sit atop the feeder, you'll want to use them for many other projects. Get the tutorial here.
7. Jewelry tray with a plastic bottle
The curvature of a plastic bottle is the perfect shape for creating a small, elegant jewelry tray. Yes, elegant, because once you've cut out the shape, you'll alter the plastic so dramatically that you'll forget it was ever plastic to begin with. Adhering the right decorative paper to the tray gives it the style you're seeking. Meanwhile, wooden beads become feet to lift the tray off of the table. Get the tutorial here.

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