Gather some cinder blocks & try these DIY projects

Cinder blocks literally form the foundation of our lives. We usually aren't aware of it, but these concrete blocks are often the cornerstones holding up the buildings where we live and work. They represent structure, safety and strength. And cinder blocks are the perfect craft material when you want to bring those elements into your home.
Also known as breeze blocks and and Besser blocks, cinder blocks are trending as a craft material. Often, they're used to make outdoor furniture and decor. However, most of the cinder block DIY projects in this roundup are designed to go indoors. Clearly, cinder block crafts work well in homes with industrial-inspired design, but they also provide a practical, surprising touch to other decorative styles. These projects work especially well in kitchens, offices and entryways.
Easiest outdoor plant shelves
The following project by Love & Renovations is both stylish and easy to put together. The terracotta pots add a simple rustic touch. If you are looking for more color, you can stain and paint the cinder blocks.
Cinder block fence
The average cost of building a fence can range anywhere from $1600 to $4000, depending on where you live and how large your yard is. Cinder blocks and wood posts provide a cheap, attractive alternative. Plus, the cinder blocks double as planters, so your fence will look good too!
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Desk organizer with a cinder block
Cinder blocks are sturdy and work well as paperweights. They also make attractive, practical desk accessories. The open centers are handy for storing a range of items such as desk supplies that you need to corral into place. This particular design incorporates feminine, floral, pastel stencils onto the concrete. As a result, you see a beautiful interplay of "hard" and "soft" which is the perfect design detail for a female boss' desk. Get the tutorial here.
Backyard bar
The following project by Play Dates To Parties is stunning (and COVID-friendly!). Made from pallet wood and cinder blocks, this DIY will be the gathering spot for any backyard party. Bright red stools add a pop of color. Hooks were added to the pallet boards and are perfect for towels or grilling tools.
Outdoor planter with cinder blocks
If crafting with large, heavy cinder blocks sounds daunting, then start with this project, which uses miniature cinder blocks. You'll still be able to get your hands dirty when you use the mortar to build the blocks into a planter. Plus, you'll get the satisfaction of building something unique without the heavy lifting.
Set this cute planter outdoors on a picnic table or low wall. You could also use it indoors on a kitchen counter. Either way, you have a plant emerging from concrete, evoking that great natural metaphor of how life fights to get through the cracks in the cement. Get the full tutorial here.
Use as a bed frame
Want to bring some of nature indoors? Lift up your mattress by using cinder blocks as your bed frame. Cinder blocks can creative a more urban and industrial look to your bedroom. If you are looking for color, you can paint or stencil the blocks. The blocks also can serve as creative storage for shoes, bedtime books, and more!
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Houseplant pot with a cinder block
Planters are among the most popular projects for DIY cinder block crafts. Their open centers are strategically placed in the design to maintain structural integrity without compromising strength. They're also the ideal size to hold mid-size plants. In this example, you'll place one plant in each of the holes for a side-by-side mini garden.
Of course, you could just place this cinder block on the ground, but instead, you'll add table-inspired legs to give your design a less industrial look. With this effect, you create a piece of furniture that works in almost any living room, hallway or entryway. Get the full tutorial here.
Backyard seating
What can be better than sofa seating in your backyard or patio? Instead of spending money on expensive furniture from retailers like Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware, consider building a cinder block sectional seating instead.
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Lamp with a cinder block
In this case, a light bulb turns the block into a bold, shadeless lamp. It makes a novel desk lamp and would also work well as a bedside table lamp. Using stencils to bring in a natural element softens the hardness of the look to make it a more accessible design option. Get the tutorial here.
Next time you have a BBQ, forget the traditional grill. Try this amazing cinder block DIY alternative. It's much cheaper!
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Wine rack with cinder blocks
The depth of the open spaces inside a cinder block is perfect for storing wine bottles. Set a cinder block down vertically in your kitchen, place wine bottles inside, and you have a wine rack. In this tutorial, however, you'll elevate that design. Stacking a vertical block atop a horizontal one gives you more of a sculptural design. The stencils painted on the side soften the construction effect of a bare block. Get the tutorial here.
Media console
Take plain cinder blocks up a level by combining it with wooden boards and stylish baskets. You can easily make a media console station like the one featured below. Cinder blocks are super study, so it's easy to show off your audio devices. Style with your favorite books, planters, and decor objects.
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Bench with cinder blocks
If you've ever wanted to make a solid, durable DIY bench, then cinder blocks are definitely the way to go. Of course, you could sit right down on the blocks themselves, but where's the design and comfort in that? Instead, this tutorial teaches you how to use the cinder blocks as ends to hold up beautiful wooden boards.
The choice of wood, combined with attractive pillows or cushions set on top of the bench, can dramatically alter the finished effect, allowing you to choose what works best for you. This sturdy bench is a nice addition to a patio or outdoor space. You could also display it inside your home in a living space or foyer. Get the tutorial here.
Shelf with cinder blocks
This cinder block shelf is similar in some ways to the bench design above. The concrete blocks provide the structural foundation to hold up the wooden boards. In this case, the boards are shelves, used to hold plants, books or objets d'art.
For visual appeal as well as for increased storage, you can even place small items inside the open spaces of the vertical blocks. Adding soft, organic items to this shelf will give you that perfect hard-and-soft balance that you're seeking when decorating with cinder blocks in a living space. Get the tutorial here.

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