How to make tulle wall art

If you have neither the time nor the funds to peruse galleries for original art for the home, this DIY project comes to the rescue in a beautiful way. With a bit of graceful tulle, some dried orange slices and a pre-stretched canvas from the craft store, you can fashion a striking wall accent at low cost, yet deliver a high-impact design.
This piece allows for a generous helping of artistic license because the tulle and orange slices can be placed in so many ways. And the idea can be interpreted differently, too: Try using lemon slices and yellow tulle or even dried, thinly-sliced apples to complement rich, red tulle. The possibilities are endless, and the concept and final product will wow your guests. They certainly won’t believe the DIY part of this story.
- Plain, stretched canvas in preferred size
- Roll of tulle
- Scissors
- Hot-glue gun
- Dried orange slices (about a dozen)
- Small bowl to hold orange slices
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1. Lay the canvas on the work surface and cut about 2 feet of tulle from the roll.
2. Take one end of the piece of tulle, crimp it together and glue to one of the bottom corner sections on the back of the canvas.
3. Spread the tulle diagonally across the front of the canvas. Hot glue it to the back side about three-quarters of the way up the canvas, just below the opposite corner.
4. Place the tulle that's in the lower portion of the canvas so it's bunched together and the color looks intensified; spread the tulle out a bit at the top of the canvas so the color is more diluted.
5. Cut off any excess tulle with the scissors after gluing .
6. Repeat steps 1-5 about seven or eight times, so the tulle covers most of the canvas.
7. Take the bowl of dried orange slices and, one at a time, place about eight in the tulle folds and behind the tulle at the bottom corner of the canvas. The slices should be situated so they're secure and stable.
8. Repeat this process and place four of the slices in the upper section of the canvas, diagonally across from the where the other slices are placed.
9. The piece is now ready to hang.

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