Light up your room with this candle DIY, made from a soda can

Elevate the humble soda can into a piece of chic decor with this DIY candle tutorial. A single soda can candle makes a cute display anywhere in the home. You could, on the other hand, create an entire set for a statement piece. Play around with flavors and can colors to take your display to the next level.
If you really want to get creative, go on the hunt for unusual, foreign, or retro soda cans to work with. Soda is a huge part of pop culture. Many people have a favorite soda, memories associated with it, and may even know the jingles to different brands. Therefore, this candle lights up your heart as much as it lights up a room. Done right, it can truly be a conversation piece!
If you don't drink soda, that's okay; La Croix cans work just as well.
- Soda can, any type or size
- Can opener
- Masking tape or painter's tape, small strip
- Plastic cling wrap, large enough to wrap around can
- Rust-oleum metallic spray paint, silver
- Hot plate
- Heat-proof measuring cup or beaker
- Soy wax flakes
- Essential oil, in citrus blend or your favorite scent
- Candle wick
- Clothespin
- Lighter
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1. Remove the top of the soda can with a can opener. If you have never done this before, you might be delightfully surprised to see that it pops off easily, just as if you were opening a can of vegetables. Discard the can top.
2. Measure a piece of masking tape that is large enough to wrap around the can. Tear this off and set it aside.
3. Wrap the plastic cling wrap around the top 3/4 of the can. Use the masking tape to secure the plastic wrap at the bottom, leaving the bottom 1/3 of the can exposed while the top 3/4 is covered. The bottom of the tape should be exactly parallel to the bottom of the can to create a straight line.
4. Spray Rust-oleum silver metallic spray paint onto the bottom third of the can. The plastic wrap protects the rest of the can so that it doesn't get paint on it.
5. Give the can time to dry. Then remove the plastic wrap and masking tape. Discard of them appropriately.
6. Place the heat-proof measuring cup on top of the hot plate. Turn the hot plate on to high.
7. Fill the empty soda can with soy wax flakes. Dump these into the heating measuring cup.
8. Repeat step seven.
9. Add an additional 1/4 can of soy flakes to the measuring cup on the hot plate.
10. Allow the flakes to fully melt into liquid form.
11. Add essential oil to the liquid mixture. Use citrus blend for a scent that opens up the airways. You can also use the scent of your choice, depending on your personal taste. 5–1o drops of essential oil is usually sufficient, but you can vary that depending on how strong you want the scent of your candle to be.
12. Place the candle wick into the center of the can.
13. Use a clothespin to hold the candlewick in place in the center. Note that if you have a centering tab for candles then you could use this instead.
14. Carefully pour the liquid wax from the measuring cup into the soda can, surrounding the wick with it. Pour enough to nearly completely fill the soda can.
15. Give the candle wax time to dry. Once it is dry, you can remove the clothespin.
16. Use the lighter to light the wick of your candle and enjoy.

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