How to make a popsicle stick banner

It’s easy to assume that popsicle sticks are craft items exclusively for kid projects, but it’s simply not true. While popsicle sticks make great additions to toy bridges and cute characters, they are also the ideal material for creating a beautiful home accent banner. A little time and hot glue are all it takes to transform some simple popsicle sticks into a lovely work of art.
Easy to hang on any wall in the home, a popsicle stick banner can be customized to personal taste and style. Go for a boldly patterned fabric or stick with something more neutral combined with twine for a delicate and rustic touch. Wherever it ends up, a popsicle stick banner is sure to bring a room’s décor scheme together in style.
-Popsicle sticks, 24
-Hot glue gun
-Decorative fabric swatch, 6 in. x 8 in.
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a spot of hot glue on the end of a popsicle stick and press a second popsicle stick to the glue to create a 60-degree angle.
2. Place a spot of hot glue on the opposite end of the first popsicle stick and press the end of a third popsicle stick to the glue to create a complete triangle. Connect the two remaining popsicle ends with a spot of hot glue and allow the entire triangle to dry.
3. Line one of the popsicle sticks end to end with hot glue and press the triangle face down on a swatch of decorative fabric.
4. Once the fabric is securely attached, lift a second side of the triangle and line it with hot glue. Press the triangle back down and firmly into the fabric.
5. Line the final edge of the triangle with glue and press to attach to the fabric swatch.
6. Cut away excess fabric following the outer edges of the popsicle triangle as a guide.
7. Repeat this process to create a collection of 8 fabric and popsicle stick triangles.
8. Roll out a length of twine and line the long edge of one of the fabric triangles with hot glue. Press the twine to the glue to secure. Approximately 5-inches of twine should extend beyond the first triangle.
9. Attach a second fabric triangle to the right of the first in the same way, allowing the corners of the triangles to touch. Continue until all 8 triangles are attached to the twine.
10. Cut the twine from the roll leaving 5-inches of twine extending beyond the final triangle on both ends.
11. Hang the banner on any wall in the home.
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