How to make a cat planter with a plastic bottle

We need little things in our life that give us joy. The more of those things that we surround ourselves with, the better our quality of life. Small plants are certainly one such source of joy. Combine the plant with a kitschy, cute plastic bottle vase designed to look like an adorable kitty and you can't help but smile. It's easy to make, plus it gives you the opportunity to upcycle plastic into something purposeful.
This cat planter would be perfect sitting on a desk or office shelf. Every time you felt a bit of stress, you could look at it as a reminder to smile, breathe, and relax. Of course, such an adorable plant holder would be suitable in almost any other space as well. The bathroom, kitchen, and living room all have surface areas that you can decorate with this sort of brighten-up-life decor.
- Plastic bottle
- Craft utility knife
- Cutting mat or board
- Masking tape
- Black marker
- Clear super glue
- Clothespins (two)
- Paint (white, black, brown, copper, mustard, peach, and beige)
- Paintbrush
DIY Everywhere
1. Use the utility knife to cut horizontally around the bottle, removing the bottom third of the bottle. This is the part that you will use for the cat planter, therefore you should cut it to the height you want for the planter.
2. Cut off the top of the plastic bottle in the same manner. You should remove approximately 1" below the bottle's rim (and everything above it). Discard this portion of the plastic bottle.
3. Draw a vertical cut from the top to bottom of the remaining center piece of the plastic bottle.
4. Use masking tape to adhere this piece of plastic to a cutting mat so that it is perfectly flat.
5. Draw two small triangles onto the plastic using the black marker. These will be the ears of the cat planter.
6. Cut the two triangles out using your utility craft knife. Make your cuts so that the black lines of the triangle remain visible on the triangles .
7. Set the cat planter portion of the bottle (that bottom third that you removed in step one) on your work surface, standing upright.
8. Apply clear super glue to one edge of each of the triangles.
9. Press each triangle into place against the top outer edge of the plastic bottle, creating the appearance of cat ears.
10. Pin the "ears" into place using clothespins to give them time to dry. Once dry, remove the clothespins.
11. Paint the entire planter white. Allow paint to dry.
12. Lay the planter flat on its side, ears pointing upwards, so that you can paint the face and details of the cat.
13. Begin by painting a black triangle in the center of the bottle, approximately halfway between the ears, with the tip pointing downwards. This is the cat's nose.
14. Add a swoop (the shape of a "J") extending down from the tip of the nose. Then add a matching swoop, facing the other direction, next to it. Paint three dots on each side of the swoop. These are the whiskers of the cat's nose.
15. Paint black eyes slightly below the ears.
16. Wash your paintbrush. Apply a triangle of peach paint in the center of each ear.
17. Color in the triangular nose with peach paint.
18. Wash your paintbrush. Dip it into the brown paint. Apply splotches of paint around the body of the cat to give it some color.
19. Repeat step 18 using each of the remaining colors (copper, mustard, and beige.) Make sure to leave some of the white visible, especially around the details of the cat's face.
20. Add soil and a plant inside, then place your new plastic bottle cat planter on your desk.