How to make a tulle hair bow

Tulle is the stuff of ballerinas, fairy wings and fantasy. The fabric is ethereal, weightless and oh-so-dainty. Traditionally tulle was available in pink, powder blue and other pastel shades, but now it is offered in every color of the rainbow, from hot pink to burnt orange. This means that it can be used to great advantage as a unique, fun fashion accessory.
This tulle hair bow project is straightforward, beautiful and requires just a few easy-to-get supplies. Whether the bow is intended for a little girl, a slightly spoiled puppy or someone else, it will surely make its wearer that much sweeter.
- Two rolls of tulle 6 inches wide, each a different color
- Ruler or measuring tape
- Scissors
- Faux pearls in small and large sizes
- Small bowl
- Small alligator hair clip
DIY Everywhere
1. Measure and cut two 6-inch-long pieces of tulle with the scissors in one color of tulle.
2. Measure and cut another piece of tulle of the same size but in the other color.
3. Place them on top of each other in the order in which they were cut. (The piece from the second roll should be on top of the first two pieces).
4. Pick up the three pieces together and use all of them to tie a fairly tight knot in the center. This will unite the pieces of tulle so they act like a single piece of fabric.
5. Tie a bow on top of the knot, using the tulle sections on either side of the knot. The bow loops will be above the knot and the tails will be below it.
6. Spread the upper loop portions of the bow so they are fanned out instead of tight.
7. Cut about half of the excess tool from the tails of the bow.
8. Hot glue one large and two small-sized pearls to the center of the tulle bow, in between the loops and just above the bow tails.
9. Apply a dot of hot glue to the center of one side of the alligator clip and attach it to the back center portion of the hair bow.
10. Let the glue dry before wearing the bow.

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