How to make a popsicle stick desk organizer

Popsicle sticks are wonderful for supporting those delicious frozen summer treats. With creative repurposing, popsicles sticks can also contribute to organizational strategies. Say goodbye to desk clutter by transforming popsicle sticks into a charming desk organizer. When paired with a tin can, popsicle sticks add a quaint exterior to a container that will keep a desk in tip-top shape.
A little hot glue and some pleasing paint have the power to create a desk organizer that comes with a springtime touch. Feel free to incorporate faux floral accents for a look that brings the garden theme indoors. Be sure to place this pretty desk organizer somewhere it can be admired when it’s complete.
-Popsicle sticks, 22
-Wiss utility shears
-White home décor chalk
-Glass bowl
-Tin can
-Hot glue gun
-Crafting leaf vine
-Faux stems with small, white blooms, 5
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1. Cut one rounded end of a single popsicle stick to a flat edge using Wiss utility shears.
2. Pour a small amount of white home décor chalk into a glass bowl.
3. Paint the entire front and back surfaces of the popsicle stick.
4. Repeat to complete a collection of 22 fully painted popsicle sticks. Allow the sticks to dry.
5. Place a line of hot glue from the top edge to the base on the side of a tin can and press a painted popsicle stick to the glue firmly to attach. Make sure the flat edge of the popsicle stick lines up with the base of the can and the rounded edge extends beyond the top edge.
6. Continue attaching painted popsicle sticks to the can in this manner until the entire can surface is covered.
7. Hot glue the end of a crafting leaf vine string to the interior lip of the tin can and continue wrapping the vine around the tops of the popsicle sticks. Interlace the vine between every 4 popsicle sticks and attach with a spot of hot glue when the edges reach. Cut away excess vine as necessary.
8. Cut 5 stems of small, white faux flower blooms and attach the stems at even points around the interior of the tin can lid with hot glue. Press and glue various blooms to the popsicle sticks to create a more three-dimensional look.
9. Place a spot of hot glue approximately 1.5-inches from the base of the can and press the end of a piece of twine to the glue to attach. Wrap the twine around the container and glue to attach where the edges meet. Cut away excess twine as needed. Repeat this process with a piece of twine towards the top of the container.
10. Fill the container with pencils or paintbrushes and place on a desk for optimum organization.
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