Tape popsicle sticks together for a dead simple chic DIY

When it comes to creating a unique and customized look for the table, popsicle sticks make a beautiful if not somewhat unexpected decorative addition. There’s no need to invest in a table runner when a collection of well-painted popsicle sticks can achieve the same aesthetic goal. Easy to move between surfaces and as durable as it is delightful to look at, this table runner is a versatile and vibrant DIY project.
Crafting a popsicle stick table runner is a project that can be fun for the entire family. Kids and adults alike will enjoy picking out a rainbow of hues and painting the sticks prior to their placement in the runner. The colors chosen for the tutorial can be changed to something that matches the look you want. Assembling the runner is as simple as having a few well-placed pieces of tape.
- 36 large popsicle sticks
- 3 small glass jars
- White home décor chalk
- Blue home décor chalk
- Light purple home décor chalk
- 3 medium artist's brushes (or 1 brush cleaned between colors)
- White painter’s tape
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1. Fill a small glass jar with white home décor chalk. Paint one side of a large popsicle stick white, completely covering the surface. Repeat on 11 additional sticks for a complete set of 12 sticks painted white.
2. Fill a small glass jar with blue home décor chalk. Paint one side of a large popsicle stick blue, covering the entire surface. Repeat for 11 additional sticks for a complete set of 12 sticks painted blue.
3. Fill a small glass jar with light purple home décor chalk. Paint one side of a large popsicle stick light purple, covering the entire surface. Repeat with 11 additional sticks for a set of 12 sticks painted light purple.
4. Line up a set of four blue sticks next to four white sticks and four light purple sticks. Allow the long edges of the sticks to touch one another.
5. Flip all 12 sticks over so the unpainted underside is facing up.
6. Starting at the second stick from the left, begin sliding each subsequent popsicle stick downward about half an inch until the fourth stick in line is reached. This should create a stairstep effect.
7. Push the fifth popsicle stick in line half an inch upward and continue moving each stick up until the eight stick is reached.
8. Move the remaining four popsicle sticks in the downward stairstep pattern identical to the first four in line. Once completed, the line of 12 popsicle sticks should look like an undulating wave.
9. Continue this pattern of stairsteps with the remaining 24 sticks. Line them up in sets of four according to color with the pattern alternating between sets of blue, white and light purple sticks.
10. When the pattern is complete, run a line of white painter’s tape from one end of the design to the other, lining up the top edge of the tape with the lowest popsicle stick in the pattern so the tape isn’t visible from the painted side.
11. Run a second length of tape along the bottom edge of the popsicle design. These two pieces will hold all the popsicle sticks firmly in place.
12. Turn over the table runner and place on top of the table or countertop.

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