How to make flowers with a plastic bottle

Floral arrangements are a sure way to brighten up any home, but keeping plants alive and thriving isn’t everyone’s strength. When you'd like to add a colorful touch without the worry of watering, transform a simple plastic bottle into a decorative flower. This easy project is a wonderful way to repurpose plastic with elegant results.
A little nail polish and an X-Acto knife will turn a 20-ounce bottle into a beautiful creation in no time. Let a single plastic-bottle flower stand alone, or create an entire interior garden by mixing and matching colors. You can place these flowers on a table or shelf, but they make the biggest impression when displayed in a small pot using rocks to keep them standing straight.
- Plastic bottle (20 ounces)
- X-Acto knife
- Crafting/cutting mat or old placemat
- 7-inch-by-7-inch piece of paper
- Red Insta-Dri nail polish
- Gorilla Glue
- 25 small yellow crafting beads
- Tweezers
- Green floral wire 
- Faux green leaf
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1. Place the plastic bottle on its side on the mat.
2. Cut away the ridged bottom portion of the plastic bottle using an X-Acto knife.
3. Place the ridged bottom with the rounded ends facing up on the mat, and cut away the interior triangles between the primary ridges. Five rounded sections will remain around the bottom; they should resemble petals.
4. Place the plastic on the sheet of paper to protect the working surface. The edges of the five rounded petals should be facing down, with the rounded areas facing up.
5. Paint the rounded petals with red Insta-Dri nail polish. Cover each petal and the center of the bottle bottom completely.
6. When the paint is dry, turn the plastic over so the red polish shows through the plastic and the petal edges reach upward.
7. Fill the center portion of the plastic with Gorilla Glue (or other "super glue") and place 25 small yellow crafting beads in the glue using tweezers. This will look like the center of a flower when complete.
8. Turn the plastic petals over. Attach the end of the floral wire to the back of the flower's center with a spot of glue.
9. Glue a single faux green leaf to the stem, approximately 3 inches down from the edge of the flower.
10. Situate the flower in a small terra cotta pot filled with rocks to stabilize the stem.

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