How to make a plastic spoon clock

Stop into any party store and it’s easy to see that the days of plain plastic spoons for hosting an event are long gone. Instead, shoppers are met with a variety of shiny hues and surfaces that have party spoon packs looking more authentic than ever. While this decorative plasticware is great for a tasteful get-together, there’s more than one way to put plastic spoons to good use.
Add a bit of elegance to a DIY clock by attaching golden spoon heads to a simple wooden crafting ring. The gold plastic spoon is light enough for easy attachment and reflective enough to act as a wonderful base for a colorful clock face. A little hot glue and the right utility shears make assembling a plastic spoon clock easy. The final product can be hung anywhere in the home and is sure to spruce up interior décor with chic, repurposed flair.
-Gold plastic spoons, 23
-Wiss handheld utility shears
-Small glass bowl
-Unfinished wooden craft ring, 12”
-Hot glue gun
-Finished clock face, blue with gold numbers
DIY Everywhere
1. Remove a gold plastic spoon from the original packaging and place on a flat surface.
2. Make a shallow cut in the stem of the spoon approximately one-half inch from the head and bend at the cut to break the pieces apart.
3. Repeat this process with 22 additional golden plastic spoon heads. Place all the spoon heads in a small glass bowl for safekeeping.
4. Place a 12-inch unfinished wooden craft ring on a flat surface.
5. Apply a small amount of hot glue to the cupped portion of a single plastic spoon head, approximately 1-inch from the base of the remaining stem. Press the spoon head to the back of the wooden ring to firmly attach. Most of the spoon head will be visible above the edge of the ring.
6. Continue to attach the remaining 22 spoon heads to the back of the ring until the ring is covered entirely ensuring that no space is left between the spoon edges as they are secured.
7. Apply hot glue to the entire front surface of the wooden ring and firmly press a blue finished clock face to the ring to attach.
8. Once completely dry, hang the plastic spoon clock on any wall for a beautiful, creative touch.