How to make a rock clock

In their classic '70s rock hit, the band Chicago asked, “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?” This DIY project ensures that no one in your home will ever wonder.
A creative crafter can customize this project to fit any color scheme, because the bottom of the clock face is coated with chalk paint. The hours are denoted with striking, polished black river rocks, which add a natural vibe to the timepiece. Appropriate for hanging on the wall or leaning inside a bookshelf, this clock will garner attention for its beauty while serving a useful function.
- Plywood disk in preferred size (6.5-inch or 10-inch diameter works well)
- Ruler
- Pencil
- 1- to 2-inch-thick oblong wooden block, about 3 inches by 6 inches
- Two wood clamps
- Cordless drill
- Sanding sponge
- Painter’s blue masking tape
- Chalk paint
- Small fine art paintbrush
- Small bowl
- Polished river rocks
- Marker in metallic color
- Gorilla glue
- Clock movement kit with AA battery
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1. Place the wooden disk on your work table.
2. Locate the disk’s center point using the ruler, and mark it with a small plus sign (+) in pencil.
3. Place the wooden block on one of the table's corners so it fits within the corner and doesn't overlap.
4. Place the wooden disk on top of the block, ensuring that the wooden block is below the center point of the disk.
5. Secure the disk with the wood clamps; one clamp should align with the table edge horizontally and the other, vertically.
6. Drill a small hole in the center of the disk with the cordless drill.
7. Blow away any excess sawdust, and smooth the surface around the drilled hole by rubbing it gently with a sanding sponge.
8. Place a piece of painter’s tape horizontally along the middle of the disk, with the upper edge of the tape delineating the disk's center horizontal line.
9. Apply the chalk paint in the preferred color to the entire bottom half of the clock face using the paintbrush. Allow the paint to dry.
10. Remove the tape from the clock face.
11. Get the bowl filled with polished river rocks and write “12,” “3,” “6” and “9” on four of the rocks with the metallic marker.
12. Affix the rocks in the appropriate places (“12” at the top, “3” on the center right side, “6” on the bottom and “9” on the left center side of the clock face) with Gorilla glue.
13. Glue two more unmarked rocks between each numbered rock and allow them to dry.
14. Place the square clock movement hardware piece (checking that it has an AA battery in it) behind the clock. Thread its metal pin through the hole in the clock’s center.
15. Spin the small circular hardware pieces on the pin so the hardware piece is secure.
16. Wind the minute hand onto the pin.
17. Wind the hour hand onto the pin.
18. Wind the second hand onto the pin.
19. Secure the small circular hardware piece on top of the clock hands.
20. Set the correct time and hang the clock.