7+ butterfly DIYs that you can make

Spring is the season that marks new beginnings and there’s no better way to incorporate this theme into interior décor than with butterflies. These winged creatures come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes that are quick to inspire the creative mind. Creating a charming butterfly accent piece in the home doesn’t require a large budget or extensive supplies. In fact, designing a one-of-a-kind butterfly to add to a wall or centerpiece Is often carried out with tools and products already sitting in a craft drawer.
Garland, twigs, paper and loose fabric can work as the ideal foundation for creating unique, DIY butterflies that bring the feeling of spring indoors. Where butterfly wall art brightens up a home office, a faux taxidermy butterfly can add some intricate detail to a kitchen or living room. When it comes time to host a springtime get together, a simple butterfly garland can bring new seasonal dimension to a mantle while learning the secret to crafting a paper butterfly makes for a wonderful rainy day activity with the kids. Wherever these DIY butterflies land in the home, their sure to bring a touch of creative color that’s pleasing to the eye.
How to make a faux taxidermy butterfly
The structure and delicate nature of a butterfly make it both aesthetically pleasing and enchanting to observe. When looking to recreate the beauty of a taxidermy butterfly without taking one out of the sky, some parchment paper and pipe cleaners will do the trick. Craft the illusion of a taxidermy butterfly by pinning parchment wings and a pipe cleaner butterfly body to a framed corkboard. The touch of a Sharpie on parchment bleeds through the paper in an intriguing pattern, creating the look of authentic wings. Combining a large faux butterfly with several smaller versions provides a beautiful balance in the final product. While this type of wall accent item would work well in a home office, it would look just as lovely sitting on a shelf or table nestled between house plants. See how it’s done here.
How to make butterfly wall art
Adding a single piece of wall art to a living room wall or office is a quick way to brighten up space when spring rolls around. Instead of heading to the nearest home goods store to find the ideal piece, consider adding paper butterfly punch outs to a blank canvas and creating a one of a kind work of wall art. A butterfly paper punch makes mixing and matching butterfly hues a quick process. Attach them with clear glue on a sponge-painted canvas for a unique and chic look that brings some seasonal flair. Prop the canvas up on an office desk or hang it near a bookshelf to best admire. Learn how easy it can be to create this beautiful addition here.
How to make a fabric butterfly
Tulle is one of those fabrics that is well-loved by craft enthusiasts everywhere for its light and airy look along with its easy to manage texture. When it comes to finding a way to spruce up a door wreath with some springtime accent items, tulle makes for a wonderful DIY butterfly addition. A few sheaths of purple and light blue tulle tied into bows make for delicate-looking butterfly wings that can quickly be attached to pipe cleaner antenna. Wings can be styled and fluffed to the desired effect with scissors before the final product is placed snuggly into the base of a door wreath. If the wreath doesn’t have any faux flowers, consider adding a bloom too to increase the colorful appeal. Learn how to create this fantastic fabric butterfly here.
How to make a butterfly wreath
Wreaths are a wonderful and decorative addition to any door in the home. When spring is in full bloom, it’s possible to create a DIY floral garden, complete with butterflies using wreaths as the foundation. Connect a smaller branch wreath to the base of a larger branch wreath using floral wire. Some strategically placed faux floral blooms can bring the wreath to life while the addition of black and white faux butterflies creates a sense of movement. Hanging the butterfly wreath up with a simple string of white ribbon ties the color scheme together nicely. This eye-catching wreath would work well on the front door, but could also be a nice touch in a dining room where guests could enjoy it during a meal. See how it’s easily crafted here.
How to make a butterfly garland
Crafting a garland is a time-efficient and fun way to spruce up a mantel or shelf with a touch of seasonal décor. Spring is the time to bring butterflies into the home and a butterfly garland is a great way to combine the best of both decorative options. A collection of small colorful, faux butterflies can be strung onto a string of twine using a loop of gold satin ribbon and some hot glue. Gold tissue paper tassels can be created by cutting and bunching strips that work well in combination with the colorful butterflies. Stringing the butterflies and tassels onto the string in an alternating pattern creates a garland that is beautiful to look at and intricate in its design. While a butterfly garland would be an amazing add for a springtime party, it would work well as an everyday decorative addition to enjoy as well. See how it’s done here.
How to make a butterfly tree
Bringing the green appeal of outdoor plants indoors is a great technique for brightening up a room. However, when it’s not so easy to keep those living plants thriving, consider creating a DIY butterfly tree that doesn’t require any sort of care once it’s complete. A bundle of dried twigs tied with twine creates a sturdy base when combined with a small, wood block. A butterfly paper punch is all it takes to create decorative, green additions to the branches. While the hue will remind one of freshly emerged leaves, the butterfly shape celebrates the spring season with style. Combining green butterfly cutouts with white adds an intriguing dimension to the final butterfly tree. Add a bit of craft moss at the bottom of the branches for an even more authentic and natural look. Place the butterfly tree on an end table in the living room or bedroom to enjoy some DIY greenery without the watering. See the details to designing this tree here.
How to make a paper butterfly
The beauty of a Monarch butterfly is hard to deny. Between vibrant orange and black wings and fluttering grace, it’s not hard to see why many are intrigued with this winged species. Re-create the enchanting look of a Monarch by crafting a DIY paper butterfly right at home this spring season. A simple orange construction paper cutout that mimics wings makes the perfect base. An X-Acto knife delivers up the precision required to create a black construction paper wing overlay that includes smaller cutouts and designs making this a one of a kind project. While adults will want to be in charge of the cutting, kids participating in this paper butterfly project will enjoy adding the decorative white crayon details to the black wing designs once everything is attached. Feel free to place these vibrant paper butterflies throughout the home as decorative additions or let kids fly them through the home for a more interactive approach to crafting. See how it’s done here.

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