5+ whimsical patio decor DIY ideas

We live in serious times. With a 24/7 news cycle and pings from our devices constantly demanding our attention, people often feel worried and stressed out. However, we all need balance in our lives. We need safe spaces that nourish us, allow us to relax, and even bring some fun into our lives. These five crafts create whimsy for your patio, accenting the space to make it one where you can dream, laugh, and rejuvenate your soul.
Whimsy is fun, fanciful, and a little bit odd. You can achieve that effect in crafting by upcycling unusual items, such as strainers and watering cans, into magical designs. The contrast of using a household item in a surprising way injects humor into your landscape. Although these crafts are designed for patio use, many of them would work well inside the home as well. You might even place one in your office to remind yourself to have a little fun while you work.
Stool from a terra-cotta pot
When you work with humble household items, it helps to look at them in new ways. In designing this project, you'll turn a terra-cotta pot upside down to create a stool. With just a little bit of paint and a cute cushion on top, you create a stool that looks like a mushroom. When a terra-cotta pot becomes a mushroom growing cheekily on your patio, you can't help but smile. It's a functional item that will also delight you each time that you use it. Get the tutorial here.
Planter from a birdcage
Birdcage crafts can bring whimsy into a space They often have unique designs and intricate details to inspire the imagination. In this tutorial, you'll add plants and a soft ribbon to a gilded birdcage, further enhancing the romance of the piece. The planter is durable enough to sit on a patio, but also light enough to work indoors. Place this magical planter in any room where you need a little less levity. Get the tutorial here.
Wind chime with a watering can
What's more charming than a wind chime? The tinkling music quiets and soothes as you to listen to wind meeting human invention. This particular design elevates the whimsy by dangling the sparkling wind chimes from a sturdy, once-functional watering can. The contrast of the simple item with the magical sound makes you look twice. That's what whimsy is all about. Get the tutorial here.
Strainer planter
A vintage strainer becomes a surprising planter with just a little bit of paint and soil. If you have memories of your mom or grandma using a strainer like this, you might get a nostalgic feeling from this craft. If not, the color and shape still fondly evoke the past. All you need are painting skills to add the flowers that make this more than a strainer. Of course, you could also adapt this tutorial with your own painting preferences to create whatever design feels most whimsical to you. Hang this planter indoors or out. Get the tutorial here.
Birdhouse planter
Take a simple birdhouse, then add a miniature rooftop garden framed by wooden craft sticks. With the right paint, you end up with a birdhouse-turned-planter that will make you smile. There's just something delightful about the charm of the wooden craft sticks and vintage wood paint — exactly what you're seeking in a whimsical craft. As with many of these projects, you can use it on the patio, but you can also bring it indoors if you like. Get the tutorial here.
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