Don't break the bank with a fine home fragrance. Make this candle DIY instead

The glow of a candle is often enough to make any room in the home feel more welcoming. Perfect accent pieces for parties or just a night in with friends, candles add a beautiful finishing touch to home décor but can come with a hefty price tag too. Instead of breaking the bank in the name of fine home fragrance, consider repurposing a simple yogurt cup into a personalized candle. Not only does a yogurt cup candle accomplish the same look and aroma for less, but it’s a wonderful way to contribute to an eco-friendly design.
Some pink yarn and sequins are all it takes to turn a plastic yogurt container into a charming candle that creates a customized look at home. While pink yarn adds a feminine touch to the candle’s exterior, there are always options to mix and match yarn hues for a more versatile final product. Adding a single string of sequins to the top kicks the sparkle factor up a notch and makes for an eye-catching addition to an end table or countertop. Soy flakes are easily melted to create the candle with scent added using a few drops of a preferred essential oil. It doesn’t take much time to create a yogurt cup candle that’s sure to be an excellent conversation starter. 
-Yogurt cup, 16 ounces
-Pink yarn
-Hot glue gun
-Single-burner countertop range
-Soy wax flakes, 2 cups
-Candle wick
-Wick stabilizing bar
-Essential oil, 2-3 drops
-Pink sequins
DIY Everywhere
1. Apply a small spot of hot glue under the top rim of a white, plastic 16-ounce yogurt cup.
2. Press the end of a string of pink yarn to the glue to firmly attach it. Continue wrapping the yarn around the top rim and attaching at various points with glue to secure it.
3. Wrap and attach the yarn until the entire exterior of the yogurt cup is covered. When the base is reached, cut the remaining yarn, and secure the end to the bottom of the cup with hot glue. Set the cup to the side.
4. Fill a beaker with 2 cups of soy wax flakes, and set it on a single-burner countertop range to melt completely.
5. Place a candle wick in the center of the yogurt cup, and run the wick through a metal stabilizing bar that stretches horizontally across the top of the cup.
6. Cut the wick to 1 inch in length from the stabilizing bar.
7. Fill the yogurt cup to the top rim with the melted soy wax flakes.
8. Add 2 to 3 drops of a preferred essential oil to the liquid wax.
9. Remove the wick stabilizer once the wax has completely hardened in the yogurt cup. Trim the wick to the desired length.
10. Line the top rim of the yogurt cup candle with hot glue, and press a single string of pink sequins to the rim. Cut away excess sequins where the edges meet.
11. Place the yogurt cup candle on a shelf or countertop, and light it to admire the glow.

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