Never be unorganized again. Create this decorated container DIY using an old yogurt cup

Sweeten your guests' time at a party with individual dishes of candy made from yogurt containers. They're far more attractive than plastic bags, with shelf liner as the central material. This means you can customize the containers with whatever pattern you like. A floral pattern is lovely for Easter celebrations, and blue and white liner would complement a Passover seder table.
Without the tissue paper and edibles, this decorated yogurt cup could serve as a holder for bobby pins and hair ties. In the basement or workroom, you can use it to store screws, nails or anchors. The containers might come in handy in a craft or sewing room to hold sequins, straight pins or buttons.
- Clean yogurt container, 3 inches or larger in diameter
- Construction paper
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Self-adhesive shelf liner
- Decorative tape, 1/4-inch wide
- Tissue paper
DIY Everywhere
1. Remove the label from the container if possible. Wash and dry the container.
2. Place the construction paper horizontally. Place the top left point under the upper part of the container that sticks out. If the container does not have a ridge, place the point 1/2 inch below the lip.
3. Angle the paper upward to the left approximately 1 or 2 degrees, keeping the point in place.
4. Hold the paper in place. Start from the top of the bottom ridge, and trace the groove a few inches. Trace along the bottom of the top ridge a few inches. Continue holding the paper and tracing along the grooves until you have gone around the entire container. Remove the paper.
5. Connect the top and bottom lines to form ends. Cut out the paper along the pencil marks.
6. Check to make sure the paper fits around the container's center. If it is too long, trim it. If it is too short, repeat steps 2 through 5, but angle the paper upward a little more.
7. Cut off a section of shelf liner larger than the construction paper cutout. Turn over the liner so the back is face up. Place the cutout on the liner, and trace around it. Cut out the shape on the liner.
8. Remove the backing, and apply the liner to the center of the container. Smooth in place.
9. Wrap the tape around the top ridge of the container. Wrap tape around the bottom indentation of the container.
10. Place tissue paper in the container and add candy. Place a container at each place setting, or save them as parting gifts.
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