How to make a planter from a yogurt cup

There’s nothing better than adding some greenery indoors to remind everyone that spring is just around the corner. When looking to spruce up decor with some natural beauty, create a rustic-chic planter from a simple, used yogurt cup. Easy material to work with and often readily available, repurposing a yogurt cup into a planter is a wonderful way to work towards a healthier environment by giving plastic a new role in the home.
Home Decor Chalk can be used to cover the yogurt label turning the exterior into a smooth, pastel surface that brings a certain amount of elegance into the final product. Rustic flair can be incorporated by securing thick twine ropes to the top and bottom of the cup for added dimension and interesting texture. A yogurt cup planter is best completed with the addition of small succulent plants in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Place on a shelf near decorative books to seamlessly incorporate the rustic appeal of the twine with the modern beauty of the pastel surface.
-Trader Joe’s nonfat plain Greek yogurt cup, 16 ounces
-MemOffice cutting mat
-X-Acto knife
-Plastic paint palette
-Home Decor Chalk, Patina
-Large twine rope
-Hot glue gun
-Plastic water dish
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1. Remove the lid from a 16-ounce cup of Trader Joe’s nonfat plain Greek yogurt, and place the cup on top of a MemOffice cutting mat.
2. Cut a small hole in the very center of the bottom of the cup using an X-Acto knife.
3. Remove the cutting mat, and move the cup to a flat, working surface.
4. Fill a plastic paint palette with Patina Home Decor Chalk.
5. Paint over the entire label in Patina, making sure the printed words and colors below are not visible. The top and bottom rim of the cup will remain unfinished as white plastic.
6. Wrap a length of thick twine rope around the top rim of the cup, and cut where the edges meet.
7. Apply a spot of hot glue just below the top edge of the cup rim, and press one end of the twine rope to the glue to attach. Continue wrapping the rope around the upper rim, and attach at various points with hot glue to secure.
8. Cut two additional pieces of twine rope, and attach a second rope directly beneath the first at the top rim. Attach the third length around the bottom of the cup.
9. Fill the planter with small succulent plants, and place it on top of a plastic water dish to catch excess moisture. Display on a shelf or table to be admired.

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