How to make a St. Patrick's Day rainbow place setting name tag

It may not be real gold at the end of the rainbow, but this colorful craft adds a bit of St. Patrick's Day whimsy to the table. Guests will have no problem finding their seats with these name tags. This craft also works well for Easter gatherings; just replace the gold coin with fake grass or a marshmallow bunny.
This project takes time to complete, so plan accordingly. Colors are optional. If you want brighter colors, omit the addition of the white paint used to make the colors pastel.
- 7 hollow wood balls, 1-inch in diameter
- Drill
- Paint palette
- Artist's paintbrush
- Craft paint: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, white
- Craft sticks for stirring
- Ruler or measuring tape
- Gold wire, 12 gauge
- Wire cutters
- Needle-nose pliers
- White oak tag paper or thicker scrapbook paper
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Gold metallic marker
- Single hole punch
- Terra-cotta pot, 2-inch diameter opening
- Green craft tape, 1/4-inch wide
- Chocolate gold coin
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1. Drill a hole all the way through each wood ball, creating an entrance hole and an exit hole.
2. Fill a space on the palette halfway with red paint. Repeat for orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.
3. Add an equal amount of white paint to each color. Blend each with a clean craft stick until the colors are pastel.
4. Paint each of six balls a different color. Leave one ball unpainted. Let the paint dry.
5. Measure and cut off 9 inches of wire. Curl under 1 inch of wire at one end.
6. Thread the balls onto the straight wire end in the following order: unpainted, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Bend the wire with the balls to form a rainbow shape.
7. Sketch and cut out a cloud shape approximately 1-1/2 inches high and 2 inches long. Write the guest's name on the cloud. Punch a hole near the center top of the cloud.
8. Cut the exposed straight wire so 1 inch is left. Curl the end into a hook and slide on the tag.
9. Wrap one line of craft tape around the center of the pot. Place the end of the rainbow in the pot and add the coin. Gently place the finished product on a place setting.

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