How to make a St. Patrick's Day shamrock wreath

There's no need to stick with just Kelly green for this St. Patrick's Day craft. Various shades of green transform this clover wreath from basic to elegant. This project saves time by using a heart punch, but if you don't have a punch (but do have the time), you can freehand small hearts.
This wreath is made of paper, so do not hang it on an outside door or in humid areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. Clustered together, the clovers look like a colony of butterflies, so using other pastel colors, you could create a wreath for spring.
- Scrapbook paper: light green, medium green and dark green
- Heart punch, 31/32 in.
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
- Spool of floral wire
- Wire cutters
- Needle-nose pliers
- 9-inch embroidery hoop
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1. Punch out 36 hearts from each paper color.
2. Stack three hearts of the same color. Fold them in half symmetrically, then unfold. Place a dab of glue on the face of one heart at the bottom point. Press the back of a second heart in the same location against the glue, angling the second heart so it looks like you are holding two playing cards.
3. Place a dab of glue on the face of the second heart at the bottom point. Press the back of the third heart in the same location against the glue, angling the third heart so it looks like you are holding an open fan.
4. Cut off 3 inches of wire. Curl one wire end around until it curls back into itself. Place a dab of glue on the curled end. Press the clover onto the glue.
5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for all paper heart colors. When you are done, separate the clovers by color.
6. Remove the inner from the outer hoop of the embroidery hoop. Lie the inner hoop flat on the work surface.
7. Place one dark-green clover at the center bottom of the hoop. Wrap the wire around the hoop to secure the clover. Repeat this step with each dark-green clover along the bottom one-third of the hoop.
8. Wrap the medium-green clovers along the hoop to the right of the dark-green clovers.
9. Wrap the light-green clovers along the hoop to the left of the dark-green clovers.
10. Slide the wreath into the outer hoop and tighten the hoops together. Hang where it can be admired.

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