5+ cute Easter chick crafts

Spring heralds the arrival of baby animals, including bunnies and chicks - two iconic images of the Easter holiday. For many, Easter is synonymous with the birth of new things, whether plant or animal, so decorate the home for Easter or spring with several crafts featuring fluffy baby chicks.
Since newborn chicks are born in the spring, these crafts don't have to be put away after Easter. The yellow color brightens up any area of the home. Display sock chickens on bookshelves and end tables, and place glasses of iced tea or lemonade on coasters throughout the season.
Easter chick wreath
As a rule, chickens don't perch on branches, but the twig in the center of this wreath displays the chicks and makes them focal points. This wreath is so cute that it will look good displayed anywhere. You can hang it on a wall above a couch, or replace a painting in the hallway just for the season. During Easter, toy chicks are easy to find at big-box and dollar stores. Get the tutorial here.
Easter chick garland
Welcome visitors to your home with this adorable garland of just-hatched spring chicks. A handy tool lets crafters quickly and easily make as many pom-pom chicks as desired. If you don't have this tool, make pom poms the tried-and-true way by wrapping yarn around a cardboard circle and cutting around it. Use removable wall hooks to hang the garland so you can switch it out with other seasonal garlands you've made. Although the tutorial uses gray bows for embellishment, crafters may use any desired color. Get the tutorial here.
Easter sock chick
Do washing machine gnomes keep stealing your socks? Put the lone survivors to good use and create stuffed sock chicks. Fuzzy yellow socks work best for this project, but you may use any socks you wish. Dry rice is an eco-friendly stuffing for this project, and the rice's weight acts as a good paperweight for errant recipe cards. For a less-practical use, place the chicks on bookshelves or cluster them in the center of a dining-room table. Get the tutorial here.
Easter egg chick
This may not be the most realistic-looking chick, but it has a rustic design that goes well in a country kitchen or on a porch. Thin twine glued around a smooth Styrofoam or plastic egg form the body. The gluing does take some time, so expect this craft to take a while to complete if you want several chicks. The tutorial uses a natural twine color, but crafters may use colored twine to go with a room's decor or a party theme. Get the tutorial here.
Yogurt cup basket for an Easter chick
Instead of adding your empty yogurt cups to a landfill, reuse them by converting them into small baskets to house cute chicks. Place a basket or two anywhere you want a splash of color, such as the bathroom or kitchen. For a table centerpiece, purchase a larger wicker or other woven basket and put fake grass in it; place three or four chick-filled baskets inside. You also could use removable hooks to hang the baskets from doorways or the ceiling. Get the tutorial here.
Easter chick coaster
If you are fine with occasionally covering up the cuteness, make a few Easter-chick coasters. Protect wood surfaces with these painted wood rounds that are incredibly easy to make. This is a great project to do with kids. Adults can handle the scissors and glue while children paint the rounds. Add a few coats of water-based finish to make the coasters last longer. Get the tutorial here.
Easter chick napkin ring
Welcome guests to the brunch or dinner table with these fun napkin rings. Inexpensive wood balls are the bases for the chicks' heads. Since the balls are small, things might get a little messy when painting them, so remember to put down something to cover the work space. Depending on the napkin's color, you might want to use brown, gray or white paint. Make sure to use contrasting colors for the eyes and beak so that they stand out. Get the tutorial here.
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