Adorn your garden or outdoor space with this clever wind chime

Wind chimes can bring a charming, tranquil quality to any outdoor space. Their soft tones are soothing and relaxing. The philosophy of feng shui believes wind chimes bring energy and flow into a space. Furthermore, the soft sounds the chimes create can deter pests from garden areas, making them practical as well as beautiful.
This delightful project plays on the idea of a watering can, with crystal-tipped chimes "watering" the garden below it. This would be a perfect decoration for a rainy springtime, or even for a hot, dry summer. Simple to create, this craft project has a variety of personalization options, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind piece for a garden or patio. The stencil on the watering can can be individualized. To give as a gift, try a shape meaningful to the recipient, a family crest, or even an initial. The stencil can be further personalized by paint color. While traditional wind chimes have between three and nine chime rods, choose the number and length you prefer. The different lengths and number of rods will affect the sound the wind chime creates in a breeze.
- Small metal watering can
- 2 clamps
- Drill
- Small drill bit, such as 1/32"
- Felt-tip marker
- Stencil
- Paint
- Paintbrush
- Sandpaper
- Craft twine
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors
- Acrylic chandelier drops
- 3-9 wind chime rods
- fishing line
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1. On the bottom of the watering can, mark the spots for drilling using the felt-tipped marker. Traditionally, chime rods have between three and nine holes.
2. Using the clamps, secure the watering can to the work surface with the bottom side facing up.
3. Using the drill and drill bit, create holes on the marked spots.
4. Remove the watering can from the clamps and position it on its side in order to arrange the stencil.
5. With the stencil and paint, create your desired image on the side of the watering can.
6. If desired, once the design is dry, use the sandpaper to distress the image.
7. Attached the twine with the hot glue about midway down the spout of the watering can. Create about an inch or two coil of twine and seal it with a drop of hot glue.
8. Repeat the wrapping process on the curve of the handle of the watering can, securing the ends of the twine with hot glue.
9. Cut a length of twine to create the hanger for the watering can, about 18"-24", depending on where you'd like to hang it when finished. Tie one end of the twine around the handle, where it meets the top of the can and knot it securely. Tie the other end of the twine around the end of the spout, again knotting it securely.
10. Cut a length of fishing line about twice as long as the chime rod.
11. Thread the fishing line through the top of a chandelier drop, then through the length of wind chime rod, knotting it securely. Thread the tails of that knot through one of the holes in the bottom of the watering can and tie it off inside the can.
12. Repeat steps 10 and 11 with the remaining chandelier drops and chime rods.
13. Hang the watering can from the branches of a tree, or from a hook on a patio and enjoy the tinkling tones and the glittering light.
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