Most people overlook strainers, but this strainer DIY will add a stylish touch to anyone's home

If you enjoy hunting for treasures in flea markets, yard sales, and thrift stores, then you might want to keep your eye out for a cute strainer like this one. Most people don't want used items in their kitchen, so they overlook strainers, which means that you can get them for a low price. You won't be using it to cook spaghetti though. Instead, this strainer can become the cutest plant holder that you've got in your home.
We have selected a vintage robin's egg blue 5-quart enamel colander for this project. It's the perfect size and style to create a hanging planter that will look great in a kitchen, bathroom, or outside on a porch. However, you can select any metal or enamel strainer as long as it has a rounded base, as shown here, as well as handles. We happen to prefer the vintage or vintage-inspired design because it adds a stylish touch to the home.
- Metal strainer with handles
- Acrylic paint, white and yellow
- Thin paintbrush
- Hemp twine, around 48 inches
- Scissors
- Soil and plant
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1. Place your metal strainer on your work surface.
2. Dab the paintbrush into the white paint. Use it to draw a small flower on the base of the strainer. Six simple lines emerging from a center point can make a simple flower.
3. Dab the paintbrush into yellow paint and then add a circle of yellow to the center of the flower.
4. Repeat steps three and four to create a row of flowers evenly spaced all the way around the base of the planter.
5. Cut hemp twine into four same-size pieces, approximately 12 inches each.
6. Attach one end of one piece of twine to the handle of the strainer, double-knotting it to secure it.
7. Repeat step six, adding a second piece of twine to the same handle.
8. Repeat steps six and seven to add two more pieces of twine to the opposite strainer handle.
9. Gather the unknotted ends of all four pieces of twine and tie them together in a double knot. This will allow you to hang your planter.
10. Add your soil and your plant. Water your plant enough so that the top soil is wet. Hang your planter. Enjoy.