Save money on candle holders when you make your own

There is hardly any room accent that adds more ambiance than a pillar candle in a hurricane glass container or a grouping of small candle holders designed to hold votives or tea lights. But buying different themed candle holders that go with varying design aesthetics and are appropriate for different seasons and events could easily break your bank. Better to stock up on inexpensive, plain candle holders and create a plethora of smart room accents that will add visual interest wherever you place them.
If you find yourself with a surplus of candle holders, however, there are some creative DIY projects you can do that add high style to your interior in countless on trend and elegant ways.
High (style) and dry
One of the hottest (they are from the desert, after all) décor trends is the indoor and outdoor use of succulents as design accents. Sure, a saguaro cactus looks dramatic incorporated into a landscaped yard, but a grouping of small pincushion cacti, burro’s tails, and hens-and-chicks planted in votive candle holders really energize a dining tabletop, kitchen island or coffee table. This project yields a big design payoff. All you need is a drill, a bit of potting soil, your mini-succulents and a few other supplies. Go for a uniform look with matching candle holders or a more boho vibe with mismatched ones. You can access the tutorial here.
Loveliness of lace
A lacy doily makes a delicate, refined design statement on whatever it adorns. Mostly we see doilies on tables under vases or bowls, but this craft project takes the doily to a new, quite pretty level. The secret ingredient is that tried-and-true crafter’s staple Mod Podge. It’s what allows you to encase a plain glass pillar candle holder in lace, thereby elevating its look considerably. This project would look lovely as part of a Christmas dining centerpiece (several would really make a statement), stunning as a wedding shower accent and welcoming on a nightstand in the guest room. See how easy this project is by watching the tutorial here.
A+ in organizational skills
Does taming your work area clutter seem like an insurmountable task most of the time? This project will not only effectively corral your plentiful paperclips, multiple highlighters and abundant pens, it will do the job beautifully. The process for this DIY couldn't be easier. By accenting the top rims of five votive candle holders with metallic paint and gluing them to a pretty mini-tray, the project elements are transformed into an exceptionally stylish desk accessory you’ll be proud to have coworkers admire. The piece could also be used as a chic entryway table accent in which you could keep loose change, keys or a phone charger. Take a look at the tutorial here and get started!
Bathing beauty
If cotton balls, Q-tips and makeup brushes are scattered all over the bathroom, it really cramps your morning routine. An easy and oh-so-pretty bathroom organizer project requires just three votive candle holders and a small plate. We used hobnail glass candleholders with an added sweet wire bow detail and a china plate that radiate classic vintage style, but you could also mix it up and make it mod, depending on the holders and plate you choose. This DIY is wonderfully functional but can really harmonize beautifully with your bathroom’s decorative theme or color scheme. Systems like this make your day more productive from the get-go. Get the tutorial here.
Romantic rose gold and mercury glass make a stunning couple
Mercury glass is highly collectible and who doesn’t have, in their box of family heirloom Christmas ornaments, one or two orbs or bells made out of this nostalgic material? This craft project marries mercury glass with rose gold, the popular finish that's on everything from phone cases to flatware. The piece mimics mercury glass by coating the interior of a plain glass fishbowl-shaped candle holder with metallic spray paint. The effect is gorgeous and the finished product can be used to hold a candle, decorative stones or a bouquet of flowers. The mercury glass gives off a subtle glow whether a candle is lit within it or not. This piece will add instant appeal as an accent to a bookshelf or as a unique dining table centerpiece, whether indoor or outdoor. Get the instructions to make the project here.
Milky white and effortlessly elegant
Milk glass decorative objects and dishware have distinctive visual appeal and their trademark white finish conveys a simple sophistication. The fact that the candle holders are a neutral color means that they can be added to any space and work successfully within it, no matter what colors are predominant. This project employs white spray paint to make plain glass votive candle holders into striking milk glass counterparts virtually instantly. A grouping of these candle holders will warm up a table filled with food and surrounded by friends, add tranquility to a bathroom shelf during an evening bath or prettify a patio. Don’t stop with small candle holders either. A larger glass pillar candle holder could get the same treatment and look spectacular. Learn how to make this craft here.
Royal treatment
Gold conjures up images of luxurious interiors and maybe even a castle or two. Gold leaf, which is a thin foil-like paper, goes through a hammering process to be created. This paper holds the starring role in this gold leaf candle holder craft project. With the use of a sheet of gold leaf, adhesive and an element to add pattern, such as the honeycomb fabric used in the instructional video, the everyday glass pillar candle holder gains a look fit for a queen. The finished product of this DIY effort will not fail to impress as a table accent, front porch décor or bookshelf enhancement. Get the tutorial here.
Nautical by nature
This glass globe vase gets a beachy nautical treatment by being cradled in a jute string pocket. You don’t have to be a macramé master to execute this project, but the result will make guests believe that you are. The casual feeling this accent provides will add a serene air to a space that is already meant for relaxing, like the patio, or counter the frenetic energy of a high-traffic area, like the front entry or kitchen. Many blooms would befit this vase, from mums to marigolds. If flowers aren’t handy, the vase would look great filled with mints, paperclips or wine bottle corks. Get instructions for the project here.

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