How to make a St. Patrick's Day leprechaun hat planter

Since Saint Patrick’s Day is associated with the “wearing of the green,” who says your room can’t wear it too? There are many festive ways to add a bit of blarney décor to an entryway, living area, or holiday tabletop. This super-quick, easy project requires only a few supplies, but the result is as pleasing as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
Once whipped up, this leprechaun flowerpot mashup adds sheer fun to any space. It’s an original accent that incorporates greenery, a bit of sparkle, and even a place to rest for a fairy or two. The wide ribbon detail around the flower pot can be gold and glittery, satin, or patterned with shamrocks. The pot is bound to bring the luck of the Irish to all who gather ‘round it.
- Dark green plastic nursery flowerpot
- Spool of gold ribbon, about 3 inches wide
- Hot glue gun
- Black construction paper
- Scissors
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1. Place a dark green plastic nursey flowerpot on the work surface.
2. Cut about 1 foot of gold ribbon from the spool.
3. Using the hot glue gun, apply a vertical line of glue on the top portion, but below the top portion that protrudes from the flower pot’s body, and affix one end of the ribbon to it.
4. Repeat step 3 three more times and apply the strips of glue so that each one is spaced about one-quarter of the way around the pot’s exterior circumference. Glue the second end on top of the first one.
5. Take a piece of black construction paper and cut a small square from it using the scissors; the square’s sides should match the width of the ribbon.
6. Fold the small piece of black construction paper in half lengthwise.
7. Using the scissors, trim away about 1/8-inch from each of the three sides of the folded construction paper that do not contain the fold.
8. When it is unfolded, the paper should have a square cut out of its center and just a small black paper edge will surround the square; it will resemble a picture frame.
9. Center the black “buckle” so it’s upper and bottom edges are flush with the top and bottom edges of the ribbon and affix it to the ribbon with glue.
10. Allow the glue to dry.
11. Fill with soil and a favorite plant—a shamrock perhaps?
12. The piece can now add some blarney to the mood of your space!
Wouldn't a grouping of these in different sizes infuse St. Paddy's Day spirit into any Celtic-flavored festivity?

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