6+ DIY projects made out of baskets

Baskets are beautiful and useful storage containers that serve many purposes in the home. While baskets are the ideal item when it comes to keeping things organized, they can easily be transformed into creative and personalized accent pieces in just a few simple steps. From keeping jewelry organized to providing the perfect end table that doubles as a place to keep throw blankets, baskets of all shapes and sizes can be repurposed for more meaningful uses.
Sometimes giving a basket another purpose is as simple as changing direction. Two wicker baskets connected with copper wire can become a sturdy shelving unit that’s as easy to move around as it is to make. Turning a wicker basket upside down and adding a touch of color is a simple way to create the ideal cake stand cover. It doesn’t take much time at all to recognize that baskets provide endless opportunities for customization. Here are a few projects to get the creative basket juices flowing.
Basket jewelry organizer
Baskets are generally used to combine miscellaneous items in one place, but with a little work, a round wicker basket can be changed into the ideal jewelry organizer. Wooden dowels wrapped in white yarn work to separate a basket into sections perfect for keeping bracelets far from necklaces and tangles nothing more than a passing thought. Adding a dainty white doily to the bottom of the basket keeps snags from occurring and adds an elegant touch to the final product. The basket handles make it simple to move a basket jewelry organizer from room to room as needed. The simplicity and sophistication of this DIY project make it a great addition to the top of a dresser or a bathroom countertop. Learn how to create this helpful organizer here.
Basket lined with felt
Felt is often turned to for kids' crafts, but when it comes to stylishly lining a basket, felt makes for a fantastic choice. The soft texture and variety of hues make felt an easy to manage material when covering the inside of a basket for blanket storage. Similarly, the added texture means there’s no need to worry about snags and tears that could happen if a blanket was added to a lining-free basket. Some basic sewing stitches are all that’s required to connect felt cutouts to perfectly fit the interior of the basket. Stick with a single felt color or mix-and-match for a final product with a unique color combination. See how it’s done here.
Shelf from baskets
A single basket is useful, but two wicker baskets combined have the potential to transform into a one-of-a-kind shelving unit ideal for any room in the home. Connecting baskets at the handle with copper wire is an easy way to add dimension to this DIY shelf. Covering the handles in yellow yarn adds a bright pop of color that makes a lovely decorative statement. These combined basket shelves can easily stand alone, but they also create additional storage space when set on top of free-standing baskets too. Consider placing these basket shelves in a craft room to keep items organized or even hanging it on the wall in the living room as a place to put pictures and flowers. See how easy it can be to make here.
End table with a basket
Baskets are often used in the home for simple storage, but adding a round wood top to a basket quickly takes it from essential storage unit to dual-purpose end table. Some strategically looped yarn is a great way to attach a topper to a basket and makes for an appealing addition to a cutout that’s been painted bright blue. While the wood top creates a space for a coffee cup or decorative plant, it can just as quickly be lifted to reveal space for throw blankets below. An end table crafted from a basket works well next to the couch or near a bedside. This DIY project promises to be as efficient as it is aesthetically pleasing. Get a look at how quickly it can be completed here.
Coaster from a basket
The beauty of a wicker basket lies in its combined durability and rustic appeal. Transfer this aesthetic charm to DIY coasters by repurposing the lid of a wicker basket and leaving the rest to do its work as storage. Wicker makes for a wonderful barrier between countertops and the potential for moisture rings left by water glasses. Adding a braided suede cord around the circumference of a basket lid transforms this material into a customized coaster. Feel free to bedazzle the coaster with the addition of a shiny bead or faux jewel. While the basket lid coaster works to keep surfaces protected, the personalized and colorful accents up the glam factor. See how to craft this at home here.
Basket cake stand
When it comes to hosting a fun dinner with family and friends, everyone works hard to save room for dessert. Keep the excitement for the sugary post-dinner treats at a maximum by creating a DIY cake stand and cover using a basket. While the stand is easily created with a candlestick, wood disc and hot glue, an overturned basket plays the role of cake cover. Adding a pastel hue in paint as well as a large wooden bead to act as the handle is a quick way to transform a basket into a beautiful table piece. Keep dessert covered in style and keep guests with an undeniable sweet tooth coming back for more. Take a look at how easy it can be to create this cake stand here.

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