7+ DIY tabletop centerpiece ideas

Planning the perfect dinner party comes with an extensive to-do list. There are often a variety of items that need to be checked off to feel ready to host guests. One important detail that doesn’t have to be overwhelming is a centerpiece for the table. Although it’s tempting to go out and purchase a pre-fabricated piece that gives an elegant, upscale or fun touch to the table, budget-friendly solutions can be far more creative.
Consider crafting a DIY centerpiece that brings the glamour alongside the one-of-a-kind style that’s impossible to re-create. Whether it’s a dinner party to celebrate a season or a holiday, chances are you already have something that can be transformed into a stunning centerpiece sure to catch every guest’s eye. From unique, twisted driftwood to a collection of pine cones, there’s nothing that’s off limits when it comes to creating a gorgeous centerpiece.
 How to make a centerpiece with pine cones
Pine cones have a way of invoking thoughts of holiday cheer and colder weather. Incorporate this seasonal appeal into a beautiful centerpiece by filling a faux leaf wreath with fake holly berry stems and pine cones. Add as many or as few as it takes to create just the right look, and instead of hanging it on the wall, place it on an end table or in the center of the dining room table. Finish off this festive look by adding a lamp with a candle to the middle. Rustic and eye-catching, a pine cone centerpiece is a way to dine in seasonal style. See how to create it in just a few simple steps here.
How to make a frosted centerpiece with Epsom salt
There’s no need to spend lots of money in the name of creating an ideal centerpiece. In fact, a combination of Epsom salt, water and dish soap creates a glaze that leaves a frosted surface on any used wine bottle or vase. Repurpose a used piece of glassware into an elegant centerpiece by filling the newly frosted glass with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and topping off with a lovely ribbon bow. Although this centerpiece can stand alone, a collection of vases or bottles would make a beautiful addition. When the guest list is extensive and the overall look is meant to be sophisticated, multiple centerpiece bottles is the way to go. Learn how to craft this eye-catching piece here.
How to make a tulle-wrapped vase
A spring dinner party is an amazing opportunity to bring color into the festive décor in a big way. When hues should be noticeable and the theme is floral, combine the best of both by creating a tulle-wrapped vase centerpiece. This simple project uses nothing more than two vibrant colors of tulle strategically tied around a vase. Cut the tulle into 5-inch strips of each color and knot them securely on the surface of a flower vase. Alternate colors or divide into two sections for a blending effect. Filling the centerpiece with tulips is a lovely way to incorporate a fresh, springtime look at the dining room table. Simplicity and color are key to creating a centerpiece that’s appealing yet elegantly delicate. See how it’s done here.
How to make styrofoam ball flowers
When Styrofoam craft balls are combined with colorful yarn, a faux stem and leaves, they quickly transform into beautiful flowers that can be arranged into a captivating bouquet. This colorful combination of fake flowers is wonderful when used as a centerpiece on a dining room table. Place the bouquet in a clear, glass vase and tie together with twine for a rustic touch. Although one bouquet is beautiful, a collection of two or three can be scattered down the table for a more dramatic effect. Learn the steps to making Styrofoam ball flowers here.
How to make a centerpiece with a bucket
Nothing says summer dinner party like a little nautical inspiration. Incorporate the beauty of the sea and sand into party décor by hot gluing a yarn anchor onto the surface of a simple white bucket. The bucket can be filled with a foam craft block and topped with extra thick rope to remind guests of mooring lines. Strategically place faux leaf stems and peonies through the rope to secure them within the foam craft block, and arrange leaves and petals to perfections. Once done, the nautical bucket can takes its place on the table as an elegant homage to summer and the sea. Place the centerpiece on a checkered placemat for some added country charm or mix and match bucket colors. See how easy it is to create this look here.
How to make a centerpiece with a cake stand
Cake stands are simple household products that hold up some of the most decadent treats guests are meant to enjoy after dinner. Although they're useful when it comes to displaying sweets, it doesn’t take much to transform them into a beautiful centerpiece. Some well-placed silver acrylic paint adds glimmer and shine to the base, whereas silver craft tape can transform the edges of the stand. Bedazzle cake stand edges with faux jewels to create a fun and illuminated final product. Instead of cake, fill the platter with foam craft blocks and insert luscious faux white rose blooms and leaves around the edge of the dish. Once placed in the center of the table, complete the look by adding three candles of varying heights. Elegant and extravagant, this centerpiece is sure to shine at any meal. Quickly craft this look here.
How to make a centerpiece with driftwood
Driftwood exists in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s one of nature’s most creative pieces of work and the perfect addition to a DIY centerpiece that brings rustic appeal into a home. A stained wood block acts as the ideal base for mounting driftwood as the eye-catching star of the dining room table. Super glue adhesive is all it takes to attach the driftwood at strategic points. Complete the look by adding two candlesticks to either side of the baseboard. Although the natural colors make this centerpiece stand out vibrantly on a green placemat during the summer, consider switching it up during the winter and placing pine cones or faux holly berries around the base. This dramatic and creative centerpiece works through all seasons and can be completed in just a few simple steps. See how it’s done here.

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