8+ tabletop runner DIY ideas

When it’s time to host a family dinner, enjoy a holiday get-together, or spruce up the interior décor, making a simple, beautiful table runner is a great start. Instead of spending money at a local home goods store on a pre-packaged length of fabric, you can choose from the multitude of materials already available at home. From holiday chic to outdoor themes, it doesn’t take much time at all to craft a one-of-a-kind table runner.
Burlap and faux leaves make the ideal table runner as cool weather rolls in. Likewise, colorful Popsicle sticks can be combined in a creative pattern for a table runner that gives the dining room table a unique pop. From glittering ribbons to colorful, tasseled doilies, there’s no limit to the possibilities. Protect precious surfaces while creating a look that speaks to personal taste and style.
Table runner with fall leaves
Burlap is a budget-friendly, easy-to-manage material that gives a lovely rustic touch to interior décor. Some simple woven burlap strips combined with faux fall leaves make a timely table runner for fall. Place a burlap table runner with fall leaf accents over an end table until winter arrives, or down the center of a dining room table for a Thanksgiving dinner. This autumn-themed table runner would also work well on a coffee table. Consider changing out the leaves from red to green for a springtime feel when the seasons change. See how it’s done here.
Popsicle stick table runner
Tape together pastel Popsicle sticks to create a unique table runner. With a zigzag pattern, this texturized table runner makes a beautiful finishing touch on an Easter-themed table. While this runner works to protect dining room table surfaces during a meal, it could also make a fun covering for a kid’s party. Wherever it lands, it’s certain to be a conversation starter. See how simple it is to create here.
Geometric table runner
Add upscale elegance to a dining room table without sewing by creating a geometric table runner. Picking a favorite geometric fabric pattern in a lovely pastel hue is all it takes to get started. From here, some strategic cutting, simple gluing and hot-ironed edges turn a strip of fabric into a beautiful table runner. Pastel tassels on the ends lend an elegant flair. When hosting a dinner party, combine this geometric table runner with a floral centerpiece bouquet that brings out the fabric's hues. See how to create this look here.
Sequin table runner
A party is a wonderful excuse to add glitter and glam to a dining room table, but it doesn’t have to be the only reason to create a beautiful sequined table runner. This DIY project requires nothing more than a base fabric and a hot-glue gun to get started. Strips of alternating sequins in gold and white give an elegant touch. Stick with this shining combination and add a few gold candles once the table runner is laid out, or switch up the colors to create a table runner the kids will love. Whether it’s for dinner or just to dazzle, a sequin table runner is sure to please. Learn how to make it at home here.
Doily table runner
Doilies are elegant, stand-alone pieces that work well as coasters and placemats. When they’re combined strategically, they also work as a stunning table runner. Mix and match different sized doilies and attach them at the edges with a few simple stitches. Attach colorful thread tassels along the perimeter for a dash of color. It would be the ultimate addition to a table for Cinco de Mayo or a springtime dinner party. See how quick it is to create this beautiful table runner here.
Rock table runner with felt
Black felt is a standard material in a craft drawer, but when cut to just the right shape, it resembles nature’s simple, beautiful rocks and stones. Creatively combining cutouts of various sizes and gluing them together at the edges is a simple way to create a rustic table runner that brings the scenery of the outdoors inside. Add some white fabric paint to the top of the felt for an authentic texture and look. A felt table runner made to look like rocks works well on a wood dining room table. The texture and color of the felt stand out nicely under a vase of succulent plants. Use this table runner to complete a spring dinner table look, or incorporate it with patio furniture for an outdoor feel. See how it’s done here.
Light-up table runner
Twinkling lights are generally reserved for the holiday season, but they also make a dazzling addition to a table runner. Handheld pliers are essential when taking on this DIY project. Connecting flexible stems of faux white roses is easier when you wrap them with green craft wire. Weaving a string of glittering lights throughout the stems, blooms and leaves creates a glow that extends across a dining room table in an upscale fashion. While this table runner won’t protect any surfaces, it will add elegance for a dinner party. Fill in spaces with white candles and let guests admire the twinkle and shine alongside a delicious meal. See how to create this fabulous lights and floral table runner here.
Tropical leaf table runner
Bring the appeal of a tropical getaway to dinner party décor with a DIY tropical runner. Two large faux palm fronds, connected with blue yarn through hole-punched openings create the center. Connect several smaller fronds to the ends to extend across the table. This leafy green creation works just as well in a cabana as it does on the dining room table. A simple gold and white candle centerpiece brings the elegant finish and keeps the atmosphere light. Learn how to make this tropical table runner in just a few simple steps here.

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