Forget buying an expensive jewelry organizer. Make this chic DIY version instead

All too often, our favorite and most frequently worn jewelry pieces end up in a pile on top of the dresser or thrown haphazardly into a drawer. Good luck trying to find and untangle them when they're needed next.
This ingenious yet practical project for organizing your jewelry requires only a few supplies and a bit of time to execute, but the payoff is big. Similar to the silverware drawer organizer in your kitchen, this craft allows space for everything from earrings and necklaces to brooches and bracelets.
- Round, shallow basket, 12 inches in diameter
- Two 12 inch long, thin wooden dowels
- Small bolt cutter
- Hot glue gun
- Ball of white string
- Scissors
- A circular piece of cotton or muslin, cut to fit the basket interior or a custom-fitted doily
- Lacy fabric strip cut to fit the circumference of the fabric, if cotton or muslin is chosen
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1. Place the basket on the work surface.
2. Place one dowel in the center of the basket, oriented vertically.
3. Cut the other dowel in half using a small bolt cutter.
4. Place one piece of the dowel horizontally between the center portion of the vertically oriented dowel and the right outer edge of the basket.
5. Place the other half of the cut dowel directly opposite the other one. It will extend from the center of the vertical dowel over the left side of the basket.
6. The dowel pieces will form a plus sign across the basket interior.
7. Remove the dowel pieces and set them aside.
8. Apply a couple of dots of hot glue to one end (not the tip) of the uncut dowel.
9. Unfurl some of the string from the ball and glue the end piece to the end of the dowel.
10. Slowly wrap the string around the dowel. Apply more glue to the dowel every inch or so, until it is completely covered.
11. Trim the excess string with the scissors.
12. Repeat steps 8-11 on the other two dowel pieces.
13. Place a doily of the appropriate size inside the basket. You can also measure and cut a round piece of cotton or muslin, hot glue a lacy border to its outer edge and place that in the basket.
14. Apply hot glue to the tips of the longer dowel and place it vertically in the basket, on top of the basket liner. The tips will adhere to the inner rim of the basket.
15. Repeat step 14 with the other dowel pieces, but place them horizontally as you did at the beginning of the project.
16. Allow the glue to dry.
17. The piece is now ready to be filled with jewelry.
Take advantage of the time saved hunting for jewelry each morning when you create this lovely yet practical organizer.
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