Celebrate summer with a sensational centerpiece made from a bucket

Summer is the season to celebrate the sun, sand and waves. There’s no better way to enjoy the warm weather than an outdoor get-together with friends. When it’s time to host a barbeque or dinner party, incorporating a nautical and floral theme into a centerpiece is a creative way to tie it all together. Instead of going out and purchasing an elaborate piece, consider crafting a unique summer centerpiece using a simple bucket.
A little hot glue and some yarn are all that’s needed to add a decorative anchor to the outside of a white pail. While the surface will remind guests of the sea, the bucket's interior can be stuffed with lovely flowers and leaves. This summery combination is sure to please the eye and will be a centerpiece that works just as well indoors and outside. Faux blooms can be replaced depending on the holiday or kept year-round for a pop of color that keeps summer alive long after it’s over.
- White metal bucket with handle, 10 inches in height
-White yarn
-Hot glue gun
-Foam craft block, 2½- by 2 ½- by 2 ½ inches
-White rope
-Faux leafy stem, 3
-Faux peony bloom with stem, 3
-Beige yarn
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1. Place a white metal bucket on a flat surface resting the handle behind and underneath the bucket so one side is facing up.
2. Draw a 2½-inch anchor on the bucket using a pencil.
3. Apply a small spot of hot glue to the top of the anchor drawing and press the end of a string of white yarn to the glue to attach.
4. Continue outlining the drawing with hot glue and pressing yarn to the surface until the anchor is completely covered. Cut away excess yarn as needed at the various end points.
5. Line the bottom rim of the bucket with hot glue and attach white yarn until the ends meet. Cut away excess yarn.
6. Repeat this process with a second piece of yarn, securing it around the circumference of the bucket 1 inch below the top rim but slightly above the yarn anchor.
7. Press a foam craft block into the bottom of the bucket.
8. Wrap a length of thick, white rope three times into a circular bundle and cut away at the end. Be sure to leave a small opening in the center of the bundle. 
9. Apply hot glue to various points on the bottom of the rope bundle and secure it to the inside of the bucket, setting it on top of the foam craft block.
10. Insert 3 faux leafy stems through the rope bundle and into the foam craft block below. Evenly space the stems on either side and on the back of the bucket with the anchor facing forward.
11. Insert 3 faux peony blooms with stems through the rope bundle and into the craft block.
12. Loop beige yarn four times into a figure eight design and secure with a center wrapping to look like a rope bow. Apply hot glue to the back and press the small bundle of yarn near one of the faux peony blooms.
13. Place the bucket on an outdoor or indoor table as a beautiful centerpiece. Pair it with a checkered placemat for a rustic touch. 

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