How to make an Easter-sock chick

One look at this darling Easter chick, and you’ll expect it to let out a spirited "Peep!" With just a pair of fuzzy yellow socks, a bit of string, a cup of dry rice and some felt, you can create a decorative accent that’s a dead ringer for the sugary marshmallow Peeps most everyone remembers from childhood.
Making these winsome chirpers is easy and quick, which means you can make several of them without difficulty. Whether you sit one in the middle of a big bowl of jellybeans or place several to adorn the tabletop for Easter brunch, guests will be charmed. A grouping would even look cute in a range of pastels, from pale pink to a soft green.
- Pair of fuzzy yellow ankle socks
- A small funnel
- Small bowl of rice (about a cup)
- Ball of white string
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- Piece of black felt
- Piece of bright yellow felt
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1. Open one sock and insert the narrow end of the funnel into the opening at the top of the sock. The funnel's wide end will be protruding from the top of the sock.
2. Slowly pour the rice through the funnel and into the sock.
3. Cut about six inches of string. Tie it tightly into a knot directly above the ball-shaped mound of rice that is filling out the sock's toe portion.
4. Trim any excess string from the knot with the scissors.
5. Cut off the top portion of the sock, right down to the knotted section.
6. Cut two small rectangular pieces of fabric from the other sock with the scissors. They should each be about 1/4 inch by 1/2 inch.
7. Round off an end of each piece so they're each in the shape of an elongated arch. Trim the top of each ear in a straight line and make the bottom rounded. These will be the chick’s ears.
8. Hot glue an ear onto the center of each side of the ball. Make sure the rounded parts are facing down.
9. Cut out two small circles from the black felt. These will be the chick’s eyes.
10. Cut a small rectangle, about ½ inch by 1 inch, from the piece of yellow felt. Fold it in half width-wise.
11. Trim each side of the folded felt piece, starting at the bottom center of the ends (at the opposite end of the fold line) and trimming diagonally so you're are left with a triangular-shaped piece of folded felt.
12. Unfold it and place a line of hot glue at the fold line.
13. Re-fold the piece so the glue connects the areas on either side of the fold line. The piece will now look like an open beak.
14. Cut out two webbed feet from the yellow felt. They will be slightly paw-shaped and have three scallops at each of their wider ends.
15. Hot glue the eyes and beak onto the front of the chick’s face.
16. Hot glue the webbed feet to the bottom of the sock ball, with the scalloped edges protruding forward and outward from the ball.
17. After allowing the glue to dry, the sock chick will be ready to display.
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