How to make an Easter chick garland

Holiday garlands are not just for Christmas anymore. This project puts an Easter spin on the tried-and-true decoration. Instead of sprigs of holly or pine boughs, the garland’s decorations are an array of pompons transformed into Easter chicks. This garland will welcome guests and add a festive, springy flavor to your home.
An ingenious pompon-making tool allows you to create eight to 10 pompons in a concentrated burst of crafting energy. After that, it’s just a matter of transforming them into chicks, which is easy and fun. Their bow ties add a dash of dapper. Once complete, the one-of-a-kind, over-the-top cute accessory will add a generous dose of fun when it’s strung across a front door, wall or window.
- Skein of pale yellow yarn
- Pompon maker
- Small sewing scissors
- Piece of buttercup yellow felt
- Standard scissors
- Hot glue gun
- Small piece of black felt
- 8 to 10 white plastic eggs
- Ball of twine
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1. Open the small plastic pompon maker.
2. Wrap three layers of yarn around one side of the open tool.
3. Snip the yarn from the skein with the sewing scissors.
4. Repeat steps 1 to 3, but wrap the yarn around the other side of the tool.
5. Snap the tool shut.
6. Snip the middle portion of the wrapped yarn on each side of the tool.
7. Take a short length of yarn, about 6 inches long, and slide it into the groove that covers the circumference of the tool, which was exposed after snipping the yarn in step 6. Tie a half square knot where the two ends meet. Flip the tool over and tie another half square knot. Do this one more time.
8. Trim the ends of the yarn to about 2 inches.
9. Open the tool and take the pomon out.
10. Trim the "tails" that comprise the pom pom, just slightly, to random lengths with the scissors.
11. Cut a small rectangular piece of buttercup-colored felt, about 1-1/2 inches by 1 inch, with the larger scissors.
12. Cut a small semicircle from one end of the piece of felt.
13. Apply two small vertical lines of hot glue to this piece. One should be a bit to the right of the center of the piece, the other a bit to the left of the center.
14. Roll the felt semicircle into a cone. The glue will ensure it stays in the conical shape.
15. Cut out two small circles from the black piece of felt.
16. Hot glue the cone, or beak, to the center of the pom pom, on the side rather than the top.
17. Glue the black eyes onto the pompon. Each one should be placed a bit above the beak, with one eye on either side of the beak.
18. Take the smaller half of a plastic egg and line the inner rim with glue.
19. Place the chick’s head inside with the top of its head facing up.
20. Fashion a small bow by weaving two pastel yarn colors together that complement the pale yellow of the chick.
21. Glue the little bow onto the front of the egg half, right below the chick’s face.
22. Repeat steps 1-21 to make 8-10 chicks.
23. Cut a 2-foot piece of twine.
24. Tie each chick to it with a knot using the two yarn ends protruding from the tops of their heads. Trim the excess with scissors. Allow one to two inches between each chick so they are spaced evenly.

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