7+ creative uses for Command hooks

Command Hooks are one of those well-loved household products that can serve purposes far beyond what the package describes. These budget-friendly hooks can come in just as handy in the kitchen as the office. When it’s time to keep couch cushions in line or make space for more dry goods in the pantry, Command Hooks provide a simple and cost-effective solution.
Above all, Command Hooks provide the added benefit of being easy to remove and reuse. As long as additional backings are purchased in advance, there’s nothing to stop a Command Hook from being used in the living room one day and making the ideal bathroom organizer the next. Gentle on paint and fine surfaces, these hooks are notoriously helpful for those who live in a leased residence where organization is key and keeping things as they were at move-in time is essential to getting back a deposit.
Hang a banner for a party
A decorative banner can be just what a room needs to come to life in the name of a festive gathering. Instead of taping a banner and running the risk of it falling off the wall, use two small Command Hooks instead.
Place the hooks about 4 feet apart on a wall and run a single string between them. Loop the ends to keep the banner secure. When the party is done, the hooks can easily come down and be set aside for the next decorating occasion.
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Organize the bathroom vanity
A bathroom is meant to be an oasis of health and hygiene, but far too often all of those cotton balls, lotions and brushes get in the way of an organized and clean space. Instead of shoving these items into an already over-full drawer, hang a few small buckets on the wall with Command Hooks.
Getting loose items out of drawers and into the open makes it easier to see what’s available, while a decorative bucket adds a bit of flair. If a bucket isn’t handy, hang items such as loofahs directly on the Command Hook for easy access that frees up countertop space.
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Hang oven mitts
Those with a passion for getting creative in the kitchen tend to love opening up the oven to see the results of their labor. However, there’s nothing worse than going to reach for a hot dish only to realize oven mitts aren’t anywhere to be found.
Leave the stress of those kitchen-based moments behind by hanging oven mitts on the wall with Command Hooks. It provides a convenient space to keep those heat-reducing aids, and the oven mitts can be a fun way to boost kitchen décor.
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Keep a trash bag handy
Command Hooks are generally useful for getting loose items on a wall and into the open, but they can be just as handy when it comes to hiding items that prove useful in tricky situations. It’s fair to assume that at one point or another everyone has been in dire need of a trash bag during a car ride or at the office. When it’s not readily available, the lack of this simple disposable bag can be stressful.
Eliminate this possibility by attaching a small Command Hook to the underside of a desk or on the interior of a car door or seat. This provides a simple place to tuck a trash bag without damaging the surface of the desk or seat.
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Organize dry spice packets
Nearly every food shopper is guilty of over-purchasing those tempting dry spice packets. Because they tend to be quickly thrown into a pantry and find their way toward the back, shoppers run the risk of buying more, not realizing they already have enough. Give dry spice packets a front-row place in the kitchen by hanging them individually on Command Hooks in order of when they will be used.
Placing the hooks over frequently used ingredient on the counter is an effective way to remind oneself that it’s time to plan for a specific meal. This keeps dry spice packets top of mind and frees up pantry space for larger items.
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Hang up lids
Cooking pots are a frequently used item in the kitchen but the same can’t be said for their lids. Far too often, pot and pan lids find their way to the back of the cabinets, only to become a nuisance in the long run.
Large Command Hooks on the kitchen wall provide a convenient place to hang pot and pan lids. They look sleek amongst the kitchen décor and are easy to grab when the time comes to cover a pot.
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Hang curtains without nails
Curtains are a simple way to create a sense of privacy while adding a touch of elegance to interior décor. Unfortunately, not every window provides an easy place to install curtain rods. When hammering a support unit into the wall isn’t an option, Command Hooks can provide a quick and easy way to hang curtains without worrying about permanent fixtures.
Simply stick a hook on the wall on either side of the window, and run a piece of yarn, string or wire through the tops of the curtains, creating a loop at each end. Hang at the desired height from the Command Hooks.
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Organize necklaces
Necklaces and other accessories are sometimes exactly what it takes to really bring an outfit together. Although they act as essential extras in the world of fashion, keeping necklaces orderly is not always an easy task because of twisted chains and tangled clasps.
Command Hooks provide a quick way to keep jewelry separated and easy to see when it's time to choose a piece. Place a few hooks on the back of a door and hang necklaces on each one. For a bit of added creativity, consider placing the hooks within a frame to create an ever-changing piece of art on the wall where necklaces regularly come and go.
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Keep measuring cup nearby
Although some cooks find pleasure from experimenting in the kitchen, others rely heavily on measuring cups. Few things are more frustrating than starting a recipe, only to discover measuring cups are out of reach or unavailable.
Sticking a Command Hook to the side of an upper kitchen cabinet is an efficient way to ensure measuring cups are always handy. Hang up each cup individually or pack them together for easy access when it’s time to cook.
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Create easy food wrap storage
Common food wraps such as aluminum foil or parchment paper can find themselves tucked away into drawers. Reduce the time and frustration associated with searching for and trying to maneuver paper wraps from awkward angles by using Command Hooks as a food wrap stand on the wall.
Apply two hooks on the wall approximately 18 inches apart and run a single dowel through the box and wrap. The ends of the dowel rest easily within the hooks, creating a convenient place to roll out food wrap.
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Store an appliance cord
Technology has become an undeniably essential part of life, but with the ease and efficiency it provides, it seems the sheer number of cords has become a visible hassle. From printers to blenders and the computers in between, appliance cords seem to find their way frustratingly underfoot at inopportune times.
A simple solution to keeping pesky cords off the ground is to place a Command Hook behind the desk or counter. Wrap the cord tightly and hang it over the hook when it’s not in use to keep household residents safe from tripping and the cord easy to access when it’s time to plug in.
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Keep produce off the counters
Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet, but with an already short shelf life, keeping them off the counter is essential to prolonging their function and flavor.
Sticking a Command Hook to a kitchen overhang can be a strategic way to keep produce readily available yet off of the countertop. Hang a fruit basket or bag from the hook for an efficient way to keep produce in the air and fresh for as long as possible.
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Keep cushions in place
A couch endures significant wear and tear over time. As a primary place for socializing, lounging and relaxing, couch cushions generally take the brunt of daily use. It’s common for cushions to slide as they change shape and wear down over time.
To keep cushions in place, consider sticking a single Command Hook between cushions to act as impromptu brace. Although the backing won’t damage the fabric, the plastic hook will work to block cushion movement, making for a more durable and stable place to sit.
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Hang herb containers
There’s something wonderful about growing a small indoor garden of herbs, a useful culinary additions. Instead of taking up precious counter space, hang a collection of herb pots and containers from a Command Hook on the kitchen wall.
Backing the containers with an unfinished board adds a bit of rustic touch to the look. The benefit of hanging herbs with a Command Hook is the option to move containers according to light needs.
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Hang up a DIY photo
There are certain photos that are just too good or meaningful not to be shared. When it comes to displaying those memorable moments, Command Hooks are a cost-effective and simple solution to creating a DIY display.
Apply three small hooks to the wall in a triangle approximately 2 feet apart. Loop the ends of a single piece of string and attach one end to one of the hooks. Drape the rest of the string over the second hook and loop into a bow. Attach the opposite end of the string to the third and final hook at the loop and create another bow. Attach photos to the string using clothespins for a cute photo display that takes only minutes to create.
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Hang a wreath without using nails
Wreaths are a wonderful and decorative addition to a wall or door any time of year. When it’s time to add a bit of festive fun but nails need to be avoided, consider hanging wreaths with Command Hooks.
Safe for delicate surfaces and easy to switch out for wreaths that require different size supports, these hooks create the ideal backing for wreaths no matter the holiday or season.
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