This driftwood centerpiece is as simple to make as it is beautiful

Let nature do the heavy lifting when it comes to crafting a beautiful centerpiece for a summer dinner party table. Driftwood isn’t hard to come by yet manages to be discovered in some of the most eye-catching and innovative shapes and twists imaginable. Instead of letting nature’s best art simply sit on the beach, pick up a piece that looks incredible and transform it into a one-of-a-kind centerpiece that will have all the guests talking.
Requiring nothing more than a baseboard, oil, and glue, designing a centerpiece with driftwood can be done in only a few minutes. This time-efficient project is best finished off with the addition of two candlesticks. The option to add some glow to the natural beauty of this centerpiece makes it a transitional item that works just as well for an afternoon picnic as it does for an elegant evening get together. While driftwood is a summer-themed favorite, consider adding pine cones and berries around the base when winter arrives for a seasonally fluid centerpiece that never goes out of style.
-Unfinished wood baseboard, 6 inches by 12 inches
-Rubio Monocoat oil
-Plastic gloves
-Rubbing cloth
-Driftwood, 14 inches in length
-E6000 transparent adhesive
-Candlesticks, 2
-Tall white candles, 2
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1. Sand all surfaces and edges of a baseboard measuring 6 inches by 12 inches until smooth.
2. Wipe down all baseboard surfaces and edges with a cloth to remove sandpaper debris.
3. Dip a rubbing cloth into Rubio Monocoat oil and apply it to all surfaces and edges of the baseboard. The result should be an all-over dark, even color. Plastic gloves should be worn while applying oil to protect the hands and skin.
4. Wipe all sides and edges of the baseboard with a cloth to remove excess oil and ensure an even application.
5. Place a piece of driftwood measuring at least 14-inches in length on top of the baseboard.
6. Secure the driftwood to the baseboard using E6000 transparent adhesive applying glue at various points underneath the branch until firmly attached.
7. Apply E6000 transparent adhesive to the underside of a candlestick base. Place the candlestick on the baseboard, stylishly mounted within the driftwood branches. Repeat with a second candlestick near the opposite end of the baseboard. Choose candlesticks of varying heights to create a more dynamic final product.
8. Place the driftwood centerpiece on a patio table or dining room table and insert two tall, white candles into the candlesticks to complete the look.

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