Easy DIY: Turn candle holders into stunning succulent planters

Succulents have become the darling of household plants, and it's easy to see why. They are gorgeous and come in a vast array of shapes and colors. Best of all, they practically thrive on neglect! It's no wonder they've made their way into so many homes and hearts.
There are endless potting options for succulents, but here's one that doesn't require another trip to the store. This simple step-by-step tutorial turns a glass candle holder into a stylish home for a succulent. Keep the finished product as an accent for your house or garden, or give it away as a unique present or party favor.
-Large watertight bucket or plastic container
-Dish towel or absorbent rag
-Plastic jug
-Permanent marker
-Electric screwdriver
-Carbide drill bit for glass and tile
-Hand drill with sharp point
-Small piece of thin, flat scrap wood with predrilled hole
-Glass candle holder
-Succulent plant
-Potting soil
-Miniature potting shovel
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1. Empty the contents of the glass candle holder. If waxy residue remains from a candle, pour a bit of water on top of the wax and let it sit. When the wax begins to lift up, pour it out and wipe the candle holder clean with a dry cloth.
2. Turn the candle holder upside down. Using a ruler, find the center of the base and mark it with a dot using a permanent marker.
3. Place the candle holder upside down on a dishcloth or absorbent rag in a large, watertight container or bucket.
4. Poke a small hole through the plastic jug using a hand drill or sharp point. The hole should be located about halfway up.
5. Fill the jug with water and replace the lid. Position your finger to prevent water from pouring out the hole while transporting the jug, or carry it on its side with the hole facing up.
6. Place the jug next to the candleholder in the plastic container. Position each so that the spout of water coming from the hole in the jug runs onto the base of the upside-down candle holder.
7. Using the piece of wood as a stabilizer, drill a hole into the center of the glass using the electric screwdriver and carbide bit. Align the screwdriver with the permanent marker dot made in step 2. Let the water run continually onto the surface as you do this.
8. Dry the candle holder. Fill it with potting soil using a miniature potting shovel or your fingers.
9. With your fingers, make a small hole on the surface of the potting soil. Place the succulent in the soil. Secure the plant by patting down the soil around its base. Your succulent is now settled into its new home and will be able to drain properly when watered.